Making the Ultimate Playlist for Any Occasion

| December 04, 2016

You can create a playlist for any occasion. The art and act of creating your own defined playlist through millions of different songs is exhilarating and creative. Your friends and even strangers can listen to your playlists if you post them publicly. 

Different moods and places can put your mind into a certain state, requiring specific types of music. These are some of your top playlists you'll want to make for any kind of situation you find yourself in. 

The Workout Playlist 

When you're out either hitting the gym or adding some cardio steps you'll have a few choices for the type of music you want. Some out there will go with the classic high-energy power through it playlist that'll keep you pumped the whole time. Sometimes you really need a deep focus for that huge lift or want to space out on a hard run. 

A workout playlist that consists of high beats per minute (BPM) will be great for cardio when it's time to for speed and agility. Conversely, ambient music that'll take you to the stars is great for that 10 mile run where you want the mind elsewhere while the body tolls away against the ground. 

Travel Playlist

There are two types of major travel needs where your music choices will differ. One is the usual commute to work or out to run some errands. The other is a longer vacation or trek towards a road-trip. The latter is something where you'll need music that is most importantly going to keep you awake. No mellow vibes here. The same can be said if you're going for a morning drive as well. 

Longer trips also allow you to add a longer playlist from Soundcloud that runs in at the hour or two time limit. You can fully explore a full set from a major festival or listen to a great DJ spin tons of different tunes together. 

Pre-Show or Festival Playlist 

Right before the festival is a lit time for the whole crew in the car. Take this time to familiarize yourself with any side artists you may not be to familiar with in the line-up.


If you're going to see your favorite artist or band, try listening to some of their tunes beforehand on the way there. You'll be vibing to each and every song when they play it live back towards the crowd. There is nothing like being able to recite all the lyrics and hear the difference from your car stereo to the bumping speakers from the main stage. 

Relaxation Playlist 

The relaxation playlist can be played in the car, right before bed, or really anytime you need to sit back and unwind. Try going for some deep groves, ambient vocals, and something that is going to set your mind at ease.

This way you won't be hearing and repeats while you play the songs back in your sleep. Try to keep everything in the same genre or similar mood to not jar your senses from one place to another. 

A great playlist comes with songs that you won't get sick of and you can shuffle around without having overpowering favorites over the rest of the group. Keep it long and always try to pick a theme for your playlist. Sometimes that theme can be no theme at all though too! Whatever it is make sure you enjoy it and it can be used for anytime you deem necessary. 

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