Outfit Ideas: What to Wear to a Music Festival In 2020

| May 22, 2019

Festivals thrive from artistic expression in all forms. Every person in attendance contributes to the overall vibe, especially through their outfit choices. If you want to add to the magic of the events you will be attending this festival season, iEDM is s your source for all of your festival fashion needs!

Our collections are inspired by EDM and festival trends for free spirited music lovers. We can guarantee you will find whatever wearable art you feel represents your authentic personality in our shop. Here are some of our top choices for clothing and accessories for your festival outfits this year!


1. Crop Tank Tops

Our women’s crop tops have a light and airy cut which makes them super comfortable and flattering. Each design is selected from custom artwork that reflects festival culture and its connection with art. Many of the tops also come with matching leggings as well!

Shop Wolf Crop Top pictured above HERE!



2. LED Faux Fur 

Festivals often get chilly as the sun goes down, but that is simply an opportunity to play up your looks and bring them to the next level. One of the most stylish ways to do that is by wearing something from our LED Fur collection. They are made from ultra-plush faux fur material that are accompanied with color changing lights and are a surreal way of lighting up the night. You can opt for boas, animal hoods, or a floor length coat for an even more dramatic look.

Shop our LED Fur Collection HERE!



3. Lace Up Bodysuits

Lace up bodysuits are a sexy and versatile look that is a great way to stay cool in the summer heat while looking amazing. Our Lace Up Gypsy Sleeve Bodysuit comes in multiple colors and features a holographic material that laces up in the front along with shimmery bell sleeves that add a whimsical touch. The lace can be wrapped around in a variety of styles so you can constantly change it up but regardless of how you wear it, you are guaranteed to look like a goddess.

Shop our Bodysuits and Rompers HERE!



4. LED Sneakers

Looking for a creative way to finish off your incredible festival outfits? Well our LED sneakers are exactly what you need. The sneakers come in vivid designs that are brought to life with the multicolored LED lights on the bottom. You will enhance the atmosphere with these shoes wherever you go.

Shop our LED Sneakers HERE!



5. Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope glasses add vivid colors and illusory stimulations to any scene that you are in. Not only do they look breathtaking to others, but create an unreal experience for the person wearing it as well. Our collection has a wide variety of colors, shapes and frame styles to choose from so you can have a pair for any of your outfits this festival season!

Shop our Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE!



 6. Light Up Glasses 

If you want glasses that doesn’t alter your vision but are still equally captivating then our light up glasses are a great option. You can choose from pixel pro LED goggles, heart shaped luminescence glasses, and much more! You can also pair it with one of our bandana masks for a completely psychedelic effect.

Shop our Light Up Glasses HERE!



7. Leggings

iEDM’s leggings are made from 100% polyester which is flexible and breathable, while showcasing intricate details from our custom designs. These can be worn with our rave bras or over one of our bodysuits for more layering.

Shop our Leggings HERE!



8. Trippy Shorts

Our men’s shorts collections have both trippy and comedic designs that make for a unique festival outfit. These shorts feature some of the most mind-bending designs from our clothing and it is easy to find a one of a kind pair you won’t see anywhere else this summer.

Shop the Dreamstate Shorts pictured above HERE!



9. Hydration Packs

Hydration packs are essential accessories when it comes to staying healthy and looking your best at your next music event. Some of our packs such as the Rage Wolf Backpack come with built-in hoods for added comfort while our holographic packs are sleeker. There is something in this collection for every festival junkie out there so be sure to snag one to stay hydrated and fashionable.

Shop our Hydration Packs HERE!



10. Fitted T Shirts

Fitted T Shirts are printed using sublimation so our highly detailed and intricate designs can be seen in their full potential. Men can wear them with one of our joggers or women can pair them with our booty shorts or some cute tights. T Shirts will never go out of style especially when they are able to tell a story through inspiring art the way ours do!

Shop the Eyecopi Copi T Shirt pictured above HERE! 


Want even more festival outfit idea inspiration? Check out our Galaxy Collection HERE for bright and vivid pieces for your wardrobe.


Check out our Tapestries HERE for beautiful campsite decoration ideas and more!

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