Pants At A Time Like This?! : Must Have Leggings

| November 13, 2016

The only real downside to the weather getting colder is wearing pants becomes required. I mean technically, you don’t have to, but you’ll find yourself rather chilly if you choose to wear shorts and sun dresses all winter long. Not to mention you may get some strange looks walking down the street in shorts when it's 30 degrees outside.

Fortunately, iEDM has you covered with leggings that are so awesome and comfortable, you will forget you’re wearing pants at all.

1.Worm Hole

I could give you several reasons why leggings are better than actual pants. If you are short, leggings wont drag on the floor and make you look even smaller.

2. Owl Language:

Whether you’re doing yoga, hitting up a show, or just lounging around the house waiting for summer to come back, these leggings are the perfect fit.

3. Neon Galaxy

Let the creative juices flow. Whether you're making art or admiring it, these leggings are sure to set your mind free. Embrace the colors and all of their artistic vibes.

4. Nebula

Leggings are tight, but in the most comfortable way possible. They give off that illusion that you tried to look cute, but really you just can’t stand the thought of putting on jeans.

5. Cat Collage

Do you ever get sad when you have to leave the house and leave your cat behind? Same. Cat leggings are basically the solution to all your problems. It's like having a cat follow you around all day. Bonus: they're not black so cat hair wont be following you around all day. Plus it'll give new meaning to "Grab her by the....."

6. Donut Stack

Give those boring old black leggings a vacation. We all know you have about 9 pairs of basic leggings, why not change it up? Throw on some crazy doughnut leggings and turn heads all day long. Can't promise you won't be craving doughnuts all day though.



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