Pantyraid Talks Hiatus & New Additions For After Glow Tour In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| September 14, 2016

Pantyraid is made up of power duo, Marty AKA Marty Party and Josh AKA Ooah from Glitch Mob. After going on a hiatus to accommodate their other projects, they recently released their new album After Glow.

Being a part of so many successful projects just proves how amazingly talented they are. iEDM had the pleasure to pick their brains during this past Imagine Festival.

iEDM: There was a three year hiatus, how come?
Marty: Well because the record came out and we toured for a year and then there was two years of Glitch Mob. So when the Glitch Mob tours, then Pantyraid is on hiatus.
Marty: And then I just do Marty Party.
Ooah: I’m part of Glitch Mob so..

iEDM: Is it Harder?
Ooah: Its harder in the sense we’re not always available, we’re not in the public all the time. So our growth and our presence fluctuates. It goes up and then it goes down.

Ooah: Its not like we’re just around every year playing shows.
Marty: When you take hiatuses, your name does kind of drift away.
Ooah: When we’re not doing Pantyraid, there’s not much to say about Pantyraid.
Marty: What I find is fans learn who we are and then they follow all of our projects.
People like us and then you get fans. I think we make similar music with all of our projects. So our fans kind of move around with us.

iEDM: How long did it take you guys to make this last album, After Glow?
Marty: Just under a year.
Ooah: Yeah we worked on it on and off for maybe 6-8 months. We would work for a few weeks and then take time off and then go back and work for another few weeks.
Marty: We work pretty fast when we’re together when it comes down to it.
Writing takes time so you need to sleep on it. You make something and then you don’t know if its good or not so it takes time. When you know which ones are good then you got to get together and finish them.

iEDM: Do you guys have a favorite track off of After Glow?
Ooah: "Body Heat" or "If I Stay" are probably my two favorites.
Marty: I think there’s a lot of good songs on that album.

iEDM: SO what kind of stuff can we expect to hear from you tonight?
Marty: We play our music. So the beginning will be our new stuff mixed together and then it'll be some of Pillow Talk mixed together. We made some remixes and some random stuff.

iEDM: You guys have to be incredibly busy. You’re each one person, but are essentially like 5 different people at the same time.
Ooah: Yeah I mean we’re always making music. Some falls under Marty Party, some falls under Glitch Mob, some goes to collaboration projects.
Marty: We have many, many projects, some you don’t even know about.
Ooah: I think it’s, we’re just constantly creating so I think that’s why we’re able to keep doing this.
Marty: We’re musicians so we’re always making music. It’s a passion, its how we balance ourselves, to be happy. So when you make songs, you need to decide where they go, what to call them, so we’re constantly just making music always.

iEDM: Do you guys like playing together more than solo?
Marty: I personally love playing with Josh (Ooah). We travel all the time, it’s much nicer to have a friend.
Ooah: I pretty much, personally, put my whole solo career to rest. I don’t really do Ooah anymore. I can do Pantyraid and travel with Marty, I can do glitch mob and travel with those guys, why would I do my own thing?

iEDM: Do you still release just Ooah stuff?
Ooah: Yeah, a little bit there and there. I have another project, Of Porcelain. It’s just all mellow, down tempo music.

iEDM: So are there still blow up dice this time around?
Marty: No we did the dice, that’s done. We kind of decided the music should speak for itself.
Ooah: We did our own custom visuals this time around.
Marty: Yeah we made visuals from scratch. We run the visuals from the DJ booth.
Ooah: Yeah we do everything from the stage.

iEDM: How did you guys come up with the name for Pantyraid?
Ooah: It was a joke. It was just a funny thing a long time ago.

iEDM: So do girls throw panties at you on stage?
Ooah: Over the years, yes.
Marty: If you dig in my backpack you’ll find em *Jokes*

iEDM: So you keep them?
Ooah: Marty keeps them all.
Marty: Some of them are nasty but the good ones you keep, why not. Then you throw them back.

With a name like Pantyraid, it's no wonder girls throw their panties on stage. If you haven't heard their newest album After Glow yet, check it out here. Make sure you check them out while they're still touring together before the next hiatus.

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