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Porter Robinson & Madeon Sold Out Chicago in Epic Duo Performance

| October 14, 2016

It was no surprise after hearing "Shelter," that the tour following the release would be incredible. Porter Robinson and Madeon have been touring the United States bringing their own mix of collaborative genius to the scene. 

I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois. It was another one of their sold out packed shows. There were so many people there to see these two perform. It did not disappoint at all.  

The importance of the production was at center stage of the show. Glowing and striking visuals were a backdrop to the continuously mashed up songs of both artists. Behind both of their live setups was a glowing back screen that changed to reflect the emotional state of each song. The two of them played separately on their own individual stands. 

The Shelter tour has been the most talked about show of the year. Their set list was taken from Madeon's many songs as well as a majority of the Worlds album.  

Porter and Madeon started the show off with the introduction to "Shelter," before going into a mix and mash of their other tunes. It was really great to hear just a part of a song you know then hear it flipped into a different direction. Their chemistry together was great, and it's also a sure sign of EDM shifting towards a more live-based feature. 

If anyone could prove it, it'd be them. Hearing the actual live process of our favorite songs straight from the studio gives them a different kind of magic to them. Both of these musicians have been playing their respective live shows the past year by themselves. This was also one the first times I, and many other fans, got to hear "Shelter" live from the both of them. 

If you have any chance of seeing Porter and Madeon live, I would absolutely recommend it. It's a once in a lifetime experience to see such amazing artists put on a show that is able to capture their love of the art and incredible music passion. Check to see if there are any dates near you.

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