Progression Of A Raver

| June 30, 2016

We all started somewhere when we joined the EDM scene. Mostly, the progression of ravers from baby raver to an OG tend to follow the same pattern. Whether you're new and still at the beginning stages or well-versed in the EDM world, we present to you with the progression of a raver.

1. This is the first time you hear a popular EDM song, maybe you don’t even realize what it is, but you’re instantly hooked. You continue to listen to that same song on repeat for weeks. For me, I definitely listened to Skrillex's remix of Cinema at least 1,000 times over the course of one day.

2. Now you’ve decided you like EDM so you try and discover some new artists. This is when you’ll fall in love with some sort of mainstream DJ and forever have some unexplainable love for them. Nothing will ever change the way you feel about the first DJ you fall in love with, no matter what they do. (we’re looking at you, Diplo)

3. So now you have your tickets and it is time for your first festival. You stayed up all night making kandi and if you’re a female you were working night and day to make that festival bra perfect. You have a set schedule of everyone you need to see and cannot deter away from the schedule for anything. You’ll go to the festival, makes tons of new friends, and comes back with lots of kandi because, PLUR.

4. With all your new festival friends comes all new knowledge. Your new friends will be your EDM yoda and teach you with all of their infinite wisdom. You’ll learn some new things that will blow your mind but will mostly make your friends laugh, because in their eyes, it's common knowledge at this point. (Diplo and Skrillex together make JACK U, who knew?! SO MUCH KNOWLEDGE!)

5.  With all of this new knowledge, you stop referring to the entirety of music as EDM. You’ve now developed your own opinion on your favorite sub genres, because well, now you know there are sub genres. Say goodbye to spending 24/7 at the main stage you have important dubstep to go hear elsewhere.

6. At this point, you kind of know what you’re doing. You’ll go to festivals later in the day instead of when it first opens because you know who you want to see. You’ll wander around and discover new artists and not have a solid plan to follow. More free spirited than the baby raver, you learn to go with the flow and enjoy festivals for everything they are.

7. You’re basically a pro at this point. You’ve been “festivaling” for a little over a year and basically do all of the things all of the time. Chances are you’ve traveled somewhere across the country for a festival by now at least once.Your love for EDM has probably changed your life in at least one way or another by now. You’ve also probably stopped wearing Kandi, except for maybe a few sentimental pieces.

8. People start asking you questions about EDM. Now you have all of the knowledge and you take little festival babies under your wing. You’ve seen all your favorite DJs at this point multiple times, so when a friend who is new to the scene is DYING to see someone you hate, you go anyways.

9. You know what you like, you know what you don’t. You have officially graduated from Yoda’s school of EDM and present your knowledge to the world. Whether you have become a Basshead, Trap Queen, or whatever you choose, go forth and prosper in the world and conquer all of the festivals.


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