Ravell Talks Inspirations And "Ravellions" In An iEDM Exclusive Interview

| December 14, 2017

Richard Garcia, AKA Ravell, is a Los Angeles based producer/DJ who within a few years went from a house party DJ to a full-fledged producer.

Ravell has had the opportunity to open multiple times for legendary producer KASKADE including; Freaks of Nature Tour, Atmosphere Tour, and Sun Soaked.

Ravell has also played in some of the most iconic arenas in the nation and major festivals such as Coachella in 2014 and EDC Las Vegas in 2016 and 2017.

This young talented producer makes some time of his busy schedule and gives iEDM an exclusive interview.

iEDM: Who inspired you? 

Ravell: My father. DJing with my father showed just how much he truly believed in me. I think when parents play a supportive role in their children’s ventures; they can certainly create the largest impact on their future. I am extremely fortunate that my father included himself into my passions early on. 

iEDM: So you’d say your parent’s support played a big role in your inspiration. What’s a quick fun fact about their support through the years? 

Ravell: My parents supported me from the start. They helped me buy my first DJ setup when I was 12 years old. Unfortunately, they weren’t too happy when my equipment caught on fire at a local house party. Ahh...good times. 

iEDM: Did you ever picture yourself where you are at right now? 

Ravell: I can’t say I pictured it down to every detail. However, I always maintained a strong vision of a career in music. It’s a huge part of me and who I am. 

iEDM: With music being a huge part of who you are, who pushes you to do better? 

Ravell: Family and friends, that’s all you need. 

iEDM: If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?  

Ravell: Passionate. 

iEDM: Passionate? I like that. So how would you describe your music to new listeners? 

Ravell: The Ravell sound will always be about pushing the envelope with every record I release. The listener can expect easygoing yet euphoric feeling house and dance vibes through my music with an extra-added touch each release. I’m all about no boundaries with my music. My goal is to make timeless music. With that being said, you can expect fresh records every time. 

iEDM: I know you've played major festivals such as EDC and Coachella but which show/festival has been the best memorable yet? 

Ravell: I would have to say EDC Las Vegas 2017. Pasquale Rotella does a phenomenal job at pushing the envelope when it comes to creating a one of a kind experience, not only for festival-goers but for artists as well. I hope to be back real soon! 

iEDM: YES! I hope you’re back soon too, but tell us about the how the crowd was.

Ravell: Unreal. That moment when I looked up and witnessed thousands of Ravellion’s surrounding the art car as the fireworks went off. That was special and will forever be a timeless memory. 

iEDM: Tell us about your fans? "Ravellions" 

Ravell: The Ravellions are my ride or die! They are a community of passionate and devoted supporters that keep my career afloat. I consider them family and friends rather than just “fans.” 

iEDM: So seeing how much you care for your fans,  here is a though one. Best compliment you've revived by a fan? 

Ravell: Dang! It’s so difficult to narrow that answer down. I would have to go with what really hit home the most; to know that my music has changed a Ravellion’s life for the greater good. That to me is everything! It’s a bond between an artist and a listener that can’t be explained in words.

iEDM: That is awesome dude, so what do you have in store for your fans in 2018? 

Ravell: New music. New Collaborations. New everything! 

iEDM: One more question. If we were to take a road trip to Vegas in your car right now and you had no time to clean it and you had nothing but throwback cds/mix/sets in your car, what would I find and what would we be listening to on the way to Vegas? Be honest. 

Ravell: To be honest, you will have to be telling me which exit to take because I will be on phone calls the whole ride. Sorry not sorry. 


Checkout Ravells latest banger “Sunrise Riot” and stay up to date by following him on twitter @RAVELL along his fan based twitter account @RAVELLIONS for the most exclusive & giveaways provided by the bossman himself.

A huge thank you to Richard and his RAVELLIONS team for setting up this interview. Check out more iEDM Exclusive Interviews HERE

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