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Seven Lions Tour Review: A Genre-Breaking Journey

| November 20, 2016

Being at a Seven Lions show isn't like seeing one DJ and his openers, it's more like being at an entire festival with the musical variety he provides. He is one of the few who manages to successfully cross into such opposite genres and continue to create masterpieces. No matter what your genre of choice or dislike is, it doesn't really matter.

Being a DJ who is multi-genre leaves so much room for opportunity with his openers. The first opener, Grum, was mostly trance and tech house. Unlike Pluto threw down some of the best trap I have seen all year. While, Pegboard Nerds had the whole venue getting down with their bass-y goodness. Having such a wide variety of openers is the perfect way to open up your world to all different kinds of music.

One of the greatest things about Seven Lions is his ability to defy genres. Is he trance? Is he dubstep? It could really go either way. As someone who does not enjoy trance that much, it’s still pretty easy to find yourself singing along and getting down with trance at his shows. I was constantly being engulfed into a trance track and getting lost in it in a way I didn’t know was possible. Same goes if you're not that into dubstep, you'll still find yourself jamming out to songs by artists like Excision.

He has truly mastered his craft and has a talent that many artists could only wish for. With every drop, my friend and I found ourselves constantly looking at each other trying to guess if it would drop into trance or dubstep. Seven Lions is an artist that keeps you guessing in the best way possible.

His "Journey Tour" truly is a journey. The set up of the stage along with the visuals made it take you on an actual journey and forget where you were for a few moments. Each track was timed perfectly with a beautiful visual. At certain points, it was hard to move to his music because you wanted to just take a moment and appreciate everything that was going on around you.

Walking out of the venue back into cold New York City was like I was transporting myself from back from another world where I previously spent the last few hours. If you've newer to the EDM scene, or a full out a pro, Seven Lions should always be a must see.


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