Stay Warm With These 10 Must Have Vibrant Hoodies

| December 24, 2018

The winter solstice just passed and the cold season is officially here which means it's time for all the comfortable and warm clothes to cuddle up in. At iEDM, hoodie season is our favorite because of our huge selection of vibrant and artistic styles. 

From sacred geometry picks to hilarious pop culture inspired designs, we have something for everyone. We amazing hoodie designs for guys, girls and even kids sized hoodies

Our winter sales are in full effect, so find yourself the perfect new hoodie to be your cold weather outfit staple of 2020. 



10. Wolf Hoodie 


Stare into the majestic eyes of this lone wolf. Lead the pack and wear vibrant, watercolor art inspired designs. If a wolf isn't your favorite animal, then check out the full Animal Kingdom HERE. 




9. GBC Hoodie 


Game Boy Color was all the rage for 90s kids. Yellow, red or blue, this memorable past time was our favorite. Gotta catch em all! Check out more from the Pokemon Collection HERE




8. Fear & Loathing Hoodie 


"Too weird to live, too rare to die!" This Fear & Loathing Hoodie is a perfect rendition of our favorite classic movie from Hunter S. Thompson. 




7. Imaginatrix Hoodie 


Stare into the infinite matrix of sacred geometry pattern. This 3D pattern looks so perfect from our sublimation printing technique. The lines will never crack after being washed. 




6. Attuned Hoodie 


Align your chakras with this Attuned Hoodie. The rainbow colors are vivd and match all the colors of chakras. From your heart to your crown, let your new favorite hoodie shine bright. 




5. Floral Dorian Hoodie 


With life comes death and this floral skull design is a metaphorical artwork. Florals are in no matter what time of year. Check out more Floral Designs HERE




4. Black Hole Hoodie 


Get lost in space with this mesmerizing Black Hole Hoodie. This spiraling trail of space matter melts into the infinite and beyond. Check out our full Space Vibes Collection HERE




3. Mona Lisa Hoodie 


The Mona Lisa has gone a little gangster and we can't get enough. This classic art piece is ready for some action. 




2. Blue Galaxy Hoodie 


This hoodie is our top selling design because of its vibrant cool color scheme and amazing detail of the night sky. Even after hundred of washes, we promise this epic hoodie will never crack or fade. 




1. Stoned Toons Hoodie 


Stoner alert! All your favorite childhood toons are chiefin' it up on this hilarious hoodie. Sponge Bob, Betty Boop and even Snow White are blazing the forbidden fruit. Are you 420-friendly? Check our entire Blaze It Collection HERE



Hoodie season is our favorite because we have hundreds of styles of all-over print hoodies that will blow you away! Check our full HOODIE COLLECTION HERE.


Sometimes narrowing it down can be hard, but don't worry, we have tons of curated collections of styles to choose from! Check out all our COLLECTIONS HERE


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