Symbiosis Gathering 2016 Preview


| August 23, 2016

More of an entire experience than just a music festival, Symbiosis is a festival that gathers in Oakwood, California on September 22nd- 25th. In addition to all the music and good vibes, there’s features that make Symbiosis one of the most unique festivals out there.

Heat getting to you? Hop in the lake on the festival grounds and go for a swim and enjoy one of the many art boats. As a festival that’s compared to Burning Man, you know you’re going to be in for a memorable and life-changing experience.

Art Boats

As far as festivals go, half the experience is all the art and the different ways it's expressed. With Symbiosis taking place on a lake they really stepped up the game in the art department. The lake transforms into an interactive experience with moving boats of art. Festival goers can swim from station to station and explore all of the different moving parts.

Interested in creating your own art boat? Symbiosis has an application you can fill out.  They've really thought of everything here to let you create your very own aquatic paradise.

Experience Pass

Instead of being called tickets they are called experience passes. Symbiosis is selling an entire experience, not just a musical experience. To avoid extra fees, they have places where you can purchase experience passes at actual stores. They are sold in family area stores to encourage people to shop local over chain stores.

A truly transforming event

In addition to offering yoga, visual art workshops,and dance work shops, symbiosis offers eye opening experiences. Want to get a new look on the world? Make sure you don't miss the Speakshops.

People like JP Sears will be taking the stage to open up your third eye and try and see the world from a more spiritual side. Show up with an open mind and see reality a little bit differently

Music Lineup

While all the activities and workshops are an added bonus, festival goers expect to hear awesome music. When it comes to lineups, Symbiosis sure knows how to deliver.

With a headliner like Gramatik, it's guaranteed you wont be disappointed. An artist that is known to combine genres like jazz and electro, he alone is enough reason to want to attend. Gramatik always knows how to put on a show and he is never anything less than a great time.

Beats Antique is another group that's known for its genre-crossing music. They feature an enchanting belly dancer on stage with worldly-dub music.

As a festival that's combining so many different elements into one, having artists that do the same is just another bonus.

Family Friendly

Festivals like Coachella are known for being all ages and this one is no different. However, Symbiosis adds a little family flair you won’t find at other festivals.

They have a special area called Kidzbiosis that offers hands-on activity for them to learn, grow, and play.

In addition to its all ages festival, there is a specific family camping section so you can camp with other like-minded families. Don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of teenagers or adults? No problem.

Bring your entire family and experience the camping lifestyle as well. In addition to that, all kids under 12 are free so it’s a nice bonus to big families who are on a budget. It’s never too early to get your kids on the path to becoming your own festie-bestie.


No Booze, No Problem

When you look around at most festivals, you see big companies selling their products and advertising. Companies love sponsoring festivals because it helps get their products known.

What makes Symbiosis special is that they have zero sponsors and never have. In addition, they don’t sell any alcohol on the grounds. While you’re allowed to bring your own, there is nowhere on the festival grounds that you can purchase any alcoholic beverage.

They are in the footsteps of festivals like Shambhala, which is completely alcohol free. With all the negativity that surrounds festivals and festival goers, its refreshing to have some events focused more on the experience of the entire event.

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