Ten Rave Tanks That Rock

| July 08, 2015
Summer is in full swing and the heat is on. Rave tanks are officially necessary. All of your long sleeve shirts, sweaters and cardigans are buried deeply inside your closets because they aren’t needed anymore. Unless you’re trying to make weight for a boxing match, wearing anything heavy in addition to all your led gloves and diffraction glasses during the heat of festival season is practically a death wish.

You need to be comfortable as you work up a sweat dancing to your favorite DJs, but you gotta keep it stylish. You don’t want to wear a boring, blank tank top and look like some greasy janitor. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the coolest rave tanks to add to your wardrobe of rave apparel.

Here are 10 Rave Tanks That Rock:

10. Eye Tank Top

Eye Tank Top

This watchful eye spread across your chest will have everybody staring. Perfect summery colors make this tank pop with water-colored psychedelia. Its warm rainbow tones will help you spread the summer vibes of the season with ease - and you'll look groovy as hell doing it. 

Added bonus: challenge strangers to a staring contest! 


9. Super Buu Tank

Super Buu TT

You can't rock harder than super saiyan, now can you? With the forthcoming release of Dragon Ball Super - the first new anime installment in the Dragon Ball saga in nearly 20 years - 'tis the season to rep Goku and company on the dance floor. In this instance, it's Super Buu who's got your back, letting people know just how hard you go as soon as you step in the room.


8. White Tiger Splatter Tank 

White Tiger Splatter Tank

What's more aesthetically pleasing than a jubilee of color manifesting itself in the form of a series of amoebic splatters? I'll tell you: AN AWESOME ENDANGERED TIGER EMERGING THROUGH A JUBILEE OF COLOR MANIFESTING ITSELF IN THE FORM OF A SERIES OF AMOEBIC SPLATTERS. 

Match anything you wear and rep this rare, glorious wild cat while you can. 


7. Alpha Wolf Tank

Alpha Wolf Tank Top

Some people consider lone wolves cool, but we all know that's not how the PLUR lifestyle works. That's why this wolf isn't like many others, with vibrant and welcoming colors practically jumping off the garment. The Alpha Wolf Tank will make you a true leader of the rave fashion pack. 


6. King of Lions

King Of Lions Tank

Take the lackluster entirety of your torso and turn it into a gritty live action reboot of The Lion King with The King of Lions rave tank.  The juxtaposition between the Lion's golden coat and the storm clouds that surround him make this epic moment a majestic one as well. You can rest assured that you'll seem glorious at all the festivals this summer has to offer. 


5. Owl Language Tank

Owl Language Tank

You know that moment in West Side Story where Maria and Tony lock eyes from across the dance floor and it's love at first sight? This is basically that but with owls. Not only is the fixed gaze between these two love birds (see what I did there?) make for some killer eye candy, but there's so many other detailed layers to this design that we could just stare at it all day if we could. Wear it to the next festival and I bet fellow ravers will say the same. 


4. Howl Tank

Howl TT

This tank rocks on levels that are lunar. Have your heart be a hole to heaven, with beautiful blues that show your vulnerable side. Howl to the moon with this lone wolf and see if anyone will join you as you rage all night long this festival season.


3. Infinite Bass Tank

Infinite Bass Tank Top

The Infinite Bass tank turns your body into a trippier incarnation of EDC Vegas' Bass Pods. This jaw dropping visual interpretation of the power of a bass drop will appease the festival Gods this season, like a sleeveless Sistine chapel ceiling might. 


2. Fingerprint Tank Top

Fingerprint Tank Top

Leave your fingerprint on the whole universe with the Fingerprint Tank Top this festival season. True Detective taught us that "time is a flat circle," but that was before they saw you and the infinite spheres on your rave gear. The seamless transitions throughout whole spectrum of color is impressive. On long shuttle rides to and from the festival site you can try to count them all to pass the time. 


1. Unicorn Spew Tank

 Unicorn Spew Tank

Not only do I think that this tank is the best rave tank in the world, I think this is the best thing in the world, period. Let your imagination run free like it did when your just a child and take a trip with a Unicorn to a wondrous land. In this land, you'll be able to puke all the rainbows your heart desires and be the most colorful character at any rave you go to. 

There you have it! Rave tanks that rock and will fit right in with the rest of your rave outfits because you rock, too! 



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