The Ultimate Post Festival Recovery Guide

| August 10, 2016

You've made it through days of sensory overload, good times, and good vibes. The last thing on your mind is how much sleep or food you're getting until you need it. The Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat mantra is all too real.

Keep telling yourself that those two slices of pizza and six Whiskey-Cokes will hold you over until the next day. For the most part, our bodies are incredibly adaptable and you'll be able to get away with this lifestyle for a few days, until the dreaded P.F.D. hits in full force.

The Day After    

P.F.D. or post festival depression is the slow onset that creeps up on festival goers after the music is over and bright lights have faded into obscurity. This usually affects newbies in the scene, but has been known to affect veterans from time to time.  

Why do we feel this way? Well, the rave environment is home to a one in a kind experience. Think about it, what we've created in this past decade has never been done before in the existence of the universe. We're exploring new places through our five senses that never existed.

I think everyone gets a free pass to feeling a little down after that. The question is then how to remedy yourself and boost your mental and physical health back up to shape. 

Mental and Physical Remedy

After my back-to-back Electric Daisy Carnival into Electric Forest rave bonanza, I was still amped and ready to keep partying, maybe it's because of my daily intake of Ambrosia, the Nectar of the Gods, or because I've got a system of sorts. 

  • The first thing you need more than anything is, you guessed it water! Water is the damned lifeblood of the planet and yourself.
  • Always intersperse your water intake all day throughout the fest. Right before you sleep, which could be the early morning or late afternoon, drink up a lot!
  • Also take a long, hot shower to get rid of your grimy self and get ready to be reborn into cleanliness.
  • Make sure to get your 5htp vitamins to avoid getting a festival flu. As this will help set your mind right as your back to the everyday life reality. 


Now this will vary for most people depending on work schedules, but the day after a festival should be reserved for a massive hibernation session. Melt into that bed or couch and put on some Netflix and actually chill, or whatever relaxes you most.  

Back on Schedule

Once your back in your day to day life, do everything necessary to keep your mind and body in shape. Listen to your personal fitness gurus and eat healthy, get optimal rest and exercise. Not only will this make you looking great and in shape, ready to rock out whatever outfit you want to wear, but you'll be an animal at the next fest you're at. As most people are tuckering out on day two or three, you're just getting started. 

Relive the Memories

Hopefully you were cognizant enough to take enough pictures and videos. Look back at these fondly and sure there will be some nostalgic craving, but think of it as tapering yourself off your festival addiction through slow works of immersion therapy.

In the weeks following any great fest, there's tons of official and unofficial streams of the event. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon than scouring through the thousands of faces looking for you and friends dancing questionably against the main stage rail.  

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