Top 10 EDM Tracks of 2015 So Far

| July 23, 2015

Although we’re only just a little over halfway through 2015, it’s still safe to say it’s been a great year for EDM music. Whether it be trance, house, or electro - EDM music is dominating the radio. From its humble underground beginnings,’s favorite genre has come a long way from its early days. No longer being mocked, you now can see juggernauts of the music industry such as Madonna, Usher or even Justin Bieber himself hopping on to the EDM bandwagon.

While these stars' collaborations with some of EDM's hottest DJ's have delivered satisfying results, those same DJ's are also delivering great music of their own. Since we’re officially in the dog days of summer and the heart of festival season, now seems as good a time as any to look back at the year that's spoiled us and run down the Top EDM Tracks of 2015 So Far.  


1. I Want You To Know by Selena Gomez & Zedd

A pleasant surprise amidst the new unlikely rave music collaborations dropping in 2015 comes in the form of a real life couple. While new it-item Zedd and Selena Gomez aren’t shy being affectionate all over social media, it did take a little while for their relationship to make itself evident in the music world. And though you can say what you want about your feelings regarding the former Disney star Gomez’s appearance in the EDM world, the results on “I Want You to Know” are undeniable. Zedd brings out the best of Gomez, and the two create an emotional song that delivers everything you’d want out of a Zedd track - including a killer drop.


2. Pray to God by Calvin Harris featuring HAIM

Organs set the stage for this retro come to Jesus meeting by Calvin Harris. Taylor Swift’s latest beau, alongside HAIM, are able to make a deeply layered song (both musically and lyrically) about redemption and moving forward. The track sports an 80's aesthetic but is special for its modern EDM twist. Listen to this and you’ll be inspired to do whatever it takes to get to wherever your heart desires - like all good 80's movie protagonists.


3. Runaway (U & I) by Galantis

Galantis has mastered the palatable dance track. EDM fans will know that it’s hard to get non-believers into our favorite music, whether it’s trance or electro or future bass. Yet, Swedish duo Galantis makes songs that everybody can get down to. “Runaway (U & I)” is no exception of this trend, with swelling pleas of yearning that make me want to achieve a goal. It’s a totally inspiring track worthy of any road trip escape playlist.

4. Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake Featuring M0


Major Lazer has established themselves as a mainstay both in EDM music and in pop culture. In 2015 they’ve performed on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show - a rarity for an EDM act - and even premiered a cartoon on the FXX network. “Lean On” perfectly encapsulates the “just go with it” vibes they must feeling at the height of their success. The track also serves as DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What?” follow up - a monster hit in its own right.

These powers combined make “Lean On” a relistenable masterpiece that’s making real impressions in the music industry. I mean, they got invited to perform it on The Tonight Show!


5. Waiting for Love by Avicii

“Waiting For Love” being on this list is just another indication of uplifting and goal-oriented music being at the forefront of EDM in 2015. It’s an exciting and welcomed change to the music that we are sometimes plagued with on the radio. The song’s pounding keys and mirror the beating heart of its narrator, waiting for love to come around.

6. Don’t Look Down (Towel Boy) by Martin Garrix & Usher

Usher’s reverberating vocals are the perfect marriage with the hypnotic winding loops of Martin Garrix on “Don’t Look Down (Towel Boy). The intro suckers you into thinking you’re bracing yourself for a quaint and quiet love song, but when the beat drops you blissfully get sent into a different world altogether. It’s quite the one, two punch. Usher and Garrix make quite the one, two punch, too.

7. Take Ü There (Remix) by Jack Ü & Missy Elliot

It’s hard to ignore the conjoining of Goliath forces such as Diplo and Skrillex. Together as Jack Ü, the two EDM superstars have cranked out some great hits. In 2014, they gave us the original Take Ü There. After the resurgence of Missy Elliot following her Super Bowl cameo, the rapper was in high demand. What better way to cap your return than dusting off one of the coolest tracks of 2014 and remixing it for the new year?

8. The Only Way is Up by Martin Garrix & Tiesto

With these two DJ’s on their meteoric rise to EDM supremacy, there’s no title more appropriate than “The Only Way is Up.” The song starts slow, reeling you in with creeping intensity. The last minute of the song, however, sends you into lift off and lives up to its name. One should be so lucky to see Garrix and Tiesto do this in a set live!

9. U Don’t Know by Allison Wonderland featuring Wayne Coyne

A classically trained cellist, Alison Wonderland has made a name for herself this festival season as one of the surprise hit sets. The New Zealand native’s single “U Don’t Know” featuring Wayne Coyne gets an extra boost for having a super awesome video starring McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), but also is a great song about taking advantage of those you love. It’s perfect for a passionate head bang.

10. Head in the Clouds by Disco Fries featuring Nick Hexum

This ode to being blissfully unaware is a great anthem to a care-free summer. Songwriter Nick Hexum lends a heartfelt touch to this song, which is complemented perfectly by Disco Fries to make “Head in the Clouds” an emotional roller coaster that will have you exorcising demons when you hear it.

There you have it, our Top 10 EDM Tracks of 2015 So Far. Be sure to tune in to iEDM radio, where you'll find these and other great tracks to vibe to. 

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