Top 10 EDM Tracks of The Year (So Far)

| June 06, 2016

It's already approaching the middle of the year again. 2016 has been a hell of a ride in terms of EDM music. New sounds are being experimented with, while genres are crossing lines and mixing and mingling to put out some of best tracks these amazing artists have to offer. Here is iEDM's cultivated list of the top 10 tracks so far this year!

10. Galantis - No Money

Swedish duo Galantis' has another hit released this year with 'No Money' featuring vocals from twelve year old Reece. The vocals are catchy with a short and sweet beat that has a simple four on the floor beat. The effortless chorus should be raising hands this festival season. 

9. Cheat Codes & Kriss Kross Amsterdam - Sex

Let's talk about 'Sex' baby. Throwback to the fullest, this song takes that classic pop phrase by Salt N Pepa and throws it in for a new loop accompanied by deep house and alt-R&B beats. This song is bound to be the soundtrack of a couple late nights to this sexy summer of 2016, alright, alright, alright. 


8. Major Lazer - Light it Up (feat Nyla & Fuse ODG) Remix 

'Light it Up' is the new remixed version from Major Lazer. This song has been a hit so far throughout 2016, with trumpets interlaced between the new remix and island bell sounds that enhance the track. There's a lot of hip-hop drum beats that make this remix worth listening to and a top hit. 

7. Dilon Francis x Kygo - Coming Over (Feat James Hersey)

Dillon Francis and Kygo teamed up for 'Coming Over' and produced it on Dilon's album. It has that Kygo island vibe we all expect from him alongside Dilon's excellent production skills to create a mainstay hit for 2016. 


6. DJ Snake - Middle

DJ Snake is back at it again with being stuck in the 'Middle'. Plucked synths and an undertone of striking piano notes mesh perfectly with the high pitch shifted vocals that make this a great danceable tune.

5. Calvin Harris - This is What You Came For (feat Rihanna)

Calvin Harris and Rihanna team back up again for another summer anthem. Not to be outdone by his past single of 'How Deep is Your Love', this song utilizes Rihanna’s vocals to get a catchy mellowed out Euro-esque dance floor house beat.

4. Mike Posner - I Took A Pill in Ibiza - Seeb Remix 

Posner understands the inherent irony in the popularity of this song. You don’t wanna live this lonely life like me he sings out, yet at the same time it’s the perfect self referential aware party anthem that’s been bumping in the clubs and festivals in 2016. Originally written a year before, it was taken up by Seeb and remixed blasting Posner back into the scene.


3. The Chainsmokers & Kai - Don't Let Me Down

This trap inspired song leads the way for the young 17-year-old singer Daya to sing her way across soft leading synths while keeping the integrity of a chill vibe accompanied by soft hitting horns as she pleads to not be let down.

2. AlunaGeorge & Popcaan - I'm in Control 

It’s been just about three years since the electro pop duo AlunaGeorge came out with their first album Body Music. This smooth song has undertones of a dancehall island beat, as Aluna’s sultry vocals swoon over the tribal drumbeat telling all would-be suitors who’s really in control.

1. Flume & Kai - Never Be Like You 

Flume’s first chart topping single is overlaid with his signature out of body ambient style, mixed with the chilling poignant vocals of Canadian songstress Kai. These two create a danceable track out of regret and a new love lost, yet still pave the way to make this the legendary number one hit of 2016. 


So far this year has had a great round of music touching on amazing themes through sound. If you enjoyed our list or think your favorite song is missing, tweet us at @iEDMofficial.


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