Top 10 Rave Accessory Gifts For the 2023 Holiday Season

Holiday season is in full swing, so now is the best time to look for gifts for your rave family that they will never forget! iEDM has a massive accessory selection to choose from to make gift shopping more convenient than ever.

Gifting a rave-inspired accessory is an amazing way to show the ravers in your life how much you care for them, while giving them something they are sure to appreciate and use at future events.

From essentials such as fanny packs and masks to next-level accessories such as diffraction glasses and space whips, we have something special for every raver. We hand-picked 10 of iEDM’s ultimate accessories to gift for the holidays, so take a look for some inspiration! 

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Rave Accessory Gifts For the 2023 Holiday Season below. 


10) Holographic Prism Fanny Pack

Holographic Prism Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are an essential accessory that ravers cannot live without, especially with so many restrictions on bag sizes at festivals. The Holographic Prism Fanny Pack will make it a breeze to keep your most valuable possessions secure and within reach, so you can focus on doing what you love with the confidence of knowing your belongings are safe.

Check out the Holographic Prism Fanny Pack HERE! 


9) Rainbow Storm Drawstring Bag


Rainbow Storm Drawstring Bag

The Rainbow Storm Drawstring Bag is a useful gift idea for all ravers. This is a must-have for any festival or large event where you need to keep all your belongings with you throughout the day. The bold nature-themed print also makes the bag distinctive and easy to keep track of.

Check out Rainbow Storm Drawstring Bag HERE!


8) Dream Waves Accessory Pouch


Dream Waves Accessory Pouch

The Dream Waves Accessory Pouch is an awesome accessory that will help keep your rave-wear essentials organized. It is a great gift option for anyone who loves doing rave makeup since there is plenty of space to store glitter and rave paint items away from daily makeup. iEDM’s classic dream waves print is a standout print that any raver would love.

Check out Dream Waves Accessory Pouch HERE!

Pastel Bandana


7) Midnight Garden Rave Scarf


Midnight Garden Rave Scarf

The Midnight Garden Rave Scarf makes for a dreamy and luxurious gift that the raver in your life is sure to cherish. The soft, silky fabric will add elegance to a festival outfit while keeping you cool. This versatile scarf can be worn in a variety of ways as well!

Check out Midnight Garden Rave Scarf HERE!


6) Lightning Rainbow Bucket Hat
Lightning Rainbow Bucket Hat

A bucket hat will protect you from the sun while bringing your festival outfit to the next level. The Lightning Rainbow Bucket Hat’s brilliant rainbow pattern will enhance every look and is a great gift option for both men and women. The soft mesh interior lining makes it comfortable and breathable as well, making this the perfect rave hat.

Check out Lightning Rainbow Bucket Hat HERE! 

Ditto Pika Bucket Hat courtesy of @abbyygrace on Instagram.


5) Neon Rift Bandana 


Neon Rift Bandana

The Neon Rift Bandana will be a game-changer at your next event. The funky neon colors will bring your rave outfit to life and are sure to stand out, making it an excellent gift choice. It can be worn around your neck or as a headband, depending on the vibe you are going for.

Check out Neon Rift Bandana HERE!


4) Unicorn Beach Throw

Unicorn Beach Throw 

Beach throws are a multifaceted rave essential that is a lifesaver for festivals. It allows you to have a clean space to relax on event grounds no matter where you are. The bright, eccentric design on the Unicorn Beach Throw will fit the atmosphere at an event with ease, making it a great gift option.  

Check out Unicorn Beach Throw HERE!


3) Pixel Pro LED Glasses

 Pixel Pro LED Glasses

The Pixel Pro LED Glasses by GloFX are one-of-a-kind color-changing glasses that allow the wearer to create unique lighting patterns. It is a unique gift and great for ravers who love to stand out. They feature tinted lenses, making them easy to see through as well!!

Check out Pixel Pro LED Glasses HERE!


2) Mutant Beats Sunglasses

 Mutant Beats Sunglasses

The Mutant Beats Sunglasses feature limited edition music note template inlays making them an amazing gift for musicians and ravers alike. The polarized purple mirror lenses create a daring look that will fit in with the vibe at music events. The neon green frames bring it all together to make these rave shades even more dazzling. 

Check out Mutant Beats Sunglasses HERE!


1) Space Whip Remix

 Space Whip Remix

The GloFX Space Whip Remix is our top pick for a holiday gift for flow artists. Every Space Whip purchase comes with free diffraction glasses! With a lightweight build and over 35 color choices, this space whip is an unbeatable gift. 

Check out the Space Whip Remix HERE!


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| November 27, 2023

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