Top 10 Rave Goggles for Every Raver

| February 28, 2023

Whether you are a newbie to the rave scene or have been hitting every festival and concert nearby for the last ten years, it is crucial to show up to each event in style. One of the most vital accessories to round out your wardrobe is a dope pair of goggles. At iEDM, we have a wide selection of incredible rave goggles and additional accessories that will spice up your rave-wear and completely change the way you experience pyrotechnics and psychedelic visuals. 


Check out iEDM's Top 10 Rave Goggles for Every Raver below.


Heart Effect Diffraction Goggles


Created by the renowned EDM-based brand GloFX, these goggles are meant to be shared with your rave fam. The diffraction design transforms lights into hundreds of perfectly shaped hearts. Since the lens work so efficiently, you can wear them on the rail and then look up to see the night sky fill with dancing hearts. Additionally, this diffraction effect is exclusive to GloFX.

Buy the Heart Effect Diffraction Goggles HERE!



Brass Spike Goggles

An optimal choice for Burning Man or Coachella, iEDM's Brass Spike Goggles make their wearer look straight out of a Mad Max movie. Get wonky with your fellow head bangers while rocking its riveting rustic spike design. Pair these goggles with a pashmin and you're good to dance the night away!

Buy the Brass Spike Goggles HERE!



Pixel Pro LED Goggles

The image speaks for itself. These are the world's most advanced LED Pixel Goggles. With on-board memory, built-in USB rechargeable battery pack, and remote control, you can create a playlist of your favorite color patterns and modes with extreme ease. There are also 14 different brightness settings and rainbow kaleidoscopic lens, emitting mind-boggling effects. 

Buy the Pixel Pro LED Goggles



Black Diffraction Ski Goggles

Even though these goggles will have you looking like a boss on the slopes, they are also a great option for festivals and warehouse raves. iEDM's Black Diffraction Ski Goggles have a sleek frame and a aesthetically-pleasing rainbow gradient lens. From raving on a mountain to partying in the desert, this pair of goggles is a must-have.

Buy the Black Diffraction Ski Goggles




Copper Bolt Diffraction Goggles

Similar to steampunk, gothic, or welding goggles, these diffraction optics offer a revolutionary effect by blocking out all exterior light from your vision, letting in nothing but crisp, clean, bright diffraction! The copper bolt design reflects a futuristic and mysterious vibe. Choose from auburn enhanced, tinted or clear when adding these to your rave collection. 

Buy the Copper Bolt Diffraction Goggles



White Goggles

If you want to stand out and make a ton of new friends simultaneously, these goggles are the tool to do exactly that. It is extremely rare that you scan the crowd at a festival and see someone repping eyewear that is this exotic looking. The purely white design comes with an adjustable strap so the whole squad can try them on!

Buy the White Goggles



Royal Gold Diffraction Goggles

Another set of lenses with multiple selections is iEDM's Royal Gold Diffraction Goggles. These goggles embody a polished frame that looks like it was forged by the gods. Transform yourself into rave royalty with this exceptional pair of diffraction spectacles.

Buy the
Royal Gold Diffraction Goggles HERE!



Chrome Spike Diffraction Goggles

Definitely a hidden gem when it comes to festival-wear, these chrome colored refraction specs are truly one-of-a-kind. With their unique spikes and shiny frame, you will feel like you have entered a fusion between EDM and Cyberpunk. Be careful, once you try these on you might never want to take them off.

Buy the Chrome Spike Diffraction Goggles




GloFX Diffraction Ski Goggles

Encompassing an identically shaped frame as the black ski goggles, this pair radiates a different mood and level of energy entirely. Like the other set of eyewear, iEDM's GloFX Diffraction Ski Goggles has padding for comfort, a dual pane, and is fog resistant. However, the X-factor is its glare reducing silver mirror finish. Toss these on and become a Winter sports rockstar raver.

Buy the GloFX Diffraction Ski Goggles



Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles

Like the Pixel LED Pros, these goggles have a fully customizable microchip complete with over 350 different modes and the full-color spectrum to transport yourself through the vast expanses of time. However, they add the a special new feature to the arsenal of cool effects. It feels like you are stepping into the hall of mirrors, a disorienting maze of infinite possibilities. 

Buy the
Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles HERE!



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