Top 5 Cities' EDM Scene

| June 09, 2016

Determining the top EDM scenes in each city throughout the United States was no easy task. Each area is unique in its own history, popularity and general vibe around the area. iEDM looked into some of the cities that host mainstay annual festivals, house various venues for EDM artists and are well known areas to play for a large fanbase. 


5. Detroit, Michigan 

In lieu of financial problems the city faces, Detroit is home to a booming dance scene. It's the birthplace of Techno after all. Located at the heart of Detroit in Hart Plaza, Movement Music Festival is the premier festival to kick off the summer in Detroit.

The whole city is known to transform during this three day festival, with after parties spreading out after the fest and grass roots house parties popping up into the daylight hours. 


4. New York City, New York

New York City's dance music has a different atmosphere for everyone, considering there's five different expansive boroughs that have a different event every day; New York is truly the city that never sleeps.

Head over to Brooklyn for some avant-garde warehouse parties taking you back to feeling like your in an underground rave scene. Manhattan is jam packed with upscale nightclubs where you and your cohorts will be dressing to the nines.

If you want to be able to catch some up and coming artists imported from all over the world, then Bowery Ballroom is a great little spot to stop. There's a slew of well known clubs that include: Terminal 5 in Hell's Kitchen, Cielo, and Output just to name a few. 


3. Miami, Florida 

Push it to the limit. Break out the fast cars, palm trees and visionary hangovers from partying too hard at Ultra Music Festival. If you're looking to stop off at some mega clubs, Miami is the place.

With big names like LIV, voted the top club in the entire United States. If you're not in Miami during March, don't fret, there are daily pool parties 24/7 all year round.  


2. Chicago, Illinois 

Chicago is home to multiple festivals and is only garnering more support from the local EDM community. Lollapalooza is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year as it completely turns the city upside down on its head during that three day weekend. The infamous Perry's Stage is where you'll want to be, where countless of top producers headline sets all three nights (four this year).

Starting the summer off is Spring Awakening Music Festival, and throughout the rest of the summer are fests like Mamby by the Beach, Northcoast just to name a few.

Clubs and Bars operate all week long bringing in some of the best talent to the home of House Music, Chicago knows how to party.


1. Las Vegas, Nevada 

Sin City, is there any other place that could take the crown from Vegas? Other cities may never sleep or be the birthplace of genres, but Vegas, oh Vegas, bright light cities gonna set my soul on fire. Las Vegas has stood the time as the supreme party destination, from the 1950's Rock'N'Roll days to the current EDM daze taking over the nation. Electric Daisy Carnival kicks off the desert summer bringing in hundreds of thousands of ravers.

Hakkasan the current flavor of the year, hosts major resident producers like Calvin Harris, Tiesto and more. If a club has overstayed their welcome, don't worry another one will sprout out of the sands. Pool parties galore and a roving visitor population of 40 million people makes Vegas, well Vegas. 


Embrace your city and travel to the other meccas of dance any chance you get. Let us know what you thought about our list and check out some chic dance gear to rep in your city.  

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