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Top DJ Bromances

| November 27, 2016

When you're in the music scene it helps to have a friend by your side to encourage and support you. If your a guy with a fellow male companion the term has been coined as bromance.
While traveling the world can be lonely, having a fellow bro around to make memories with is great. In the EDM scene there are several DJs with infamous bromances but here are just a few.

NGHTMRE and Slander

For NGHTMRE's birthday, Slander wrote the sweetest most thoughtful message for him and shared it with the twitterverse.

It's obvious that the two DJs love each other and are the best of friends. Currently on tour together, we can pretty much guarantee that these guys are having the best time ever.

Dillon Francis and Gerald

Nothing tests a friendship more than becoming a possessed pinata, followed by flat Dillon and Gerald tormenting you, only to be resurrected in smaller form. This infamous duo will go to any length to be together. Dillon Francis is basically best friends with every DJ out their, but his most famous bromance is definitely with Gerald.


Jauz and Marshmello

For a while people thought maybe Marshmello's real identity was actually Jauz. We're pretty sure, and by pretty sure, I'm almost positive, that is not the case. They are often found together and if you ever cross their social media platforms, a lot of it is  just pictures of the two of them together. We're not really complaining though because the two of them make some "Magic" together.

However, everyone loves Jauz but who can blame them - he's great!

We're pretty envious of all the DJ bromances out there because they get to hangout, travel the world, and make dope music together.  You basically get all the benefits of being in a relationship, without the stresses of being in a relationship. Seems pretty legit if you ask me -keep the bromances alive.

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