Unity in Uniform: Creating the Ultimate Ensemble Outfit

| September 23, 2016

When you're trying to look your best at a rave, it's not a time to go casual. This is the time you want to go all out. Dressing up in a kind of uniform could get you looking cool solo-dolo or with your squad. Check out some cool tips and outfits to broaden your imagination! 

5. Glow Time

There you glow. This outfit is one for both the ladies and guys. It can be customized in multiple ways. But what we're looking for in the end is a uniform look of glowing clothes in all areas. Here are a couple different accessories and clothing that will start off your ensemble. 

4. New Americana 

A lot of raving is done in the summer time patriotic months. Nothing like kicking back and watching some American dazzled fireworks in the air. If you're trying to stay comfortable and patriotic, why not go all the way out. 

This getup is a simple one and can be customized into a sleek barely there outfit or all more layered American getup. All you'll need is some American bottoms and any type of flag printed top you desire.  

3. Universal Getup 

Staying far out and out of this world is a lifestyle for many. Raving and dancing is like nothing on this earth. It's a terrestrial party brought to us from outer space.

If you're looking to embody an alien species, then put on a light up mask and breath like your Darth Vader late to the party. 

2. Cultural Modicum 

Do you want to be the life of the party, self referencing pop culture and anything in the cultural consciousness? For some, Pokemon Go is life. For others, it's all about Adventure Time.

1. Animalistic Nature 

Are you trying to unleash your inner spirit animal, be it real or imagined? You're going to want to get some kind of headdress or animal printed shirt or pants. We can start you out with a mix of our large cat selection if that's your thing. 

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