Water Themed Outfit Ideas For Imagine Festival

| August 15, 2016

At most festivals you expect to see fire shooting out of the stage. It almost makes you wonder why, when festivals usually take place in locations with pretty warm climates.

At one point or another you’ve probably wished water was shooting at you instead. Well, look no further, Imagine Festival has taken our dreams and made it into a reality. While you’re dancing away in an aquatic wonderland, we’ve got you covered with some water themed outfits ideas.


Benefits of being a mermaid: no pants and a free clam bra. We know you've considered what it would be like to be a mermaid at least once in your life.

If the thought has ever crossed your mind, now's your chance! Take this time to transform into a mythical aquatic creature.

There are tons of mermaid makeup tutorials online that add to the outfit. Clip a starfish in your hair and you're ready to go.

Water Pokemon

We know you'll open your phone at least once to check and see the Pokemon situation while at Imagine Festival. We don't blame you, in fact we'll probably be doing the same thing.

With all the water around there's bound to be at least one squirtle wandering around the festival grounds. Instead of just hoping to come across a water Pokemon walking around, why not become the Pokemon instead.

Embrace your love for Pokemon and all things aquatic and represent your favorite water Pokemon. iEDM has you covered with all your Pokemon needs. Or better yet, show of your strength and rock an electric Pokemon to show you mean business.

Under the Sea

The best part about an element based theme is that the world is your oyster, literally. Imagine headliner Dillon Francis is always dropping dolphin noises in his set so embrace the aquatic elements and come dressed as a dolphin. Want to be king of the sea for a day? Don't forget your Triton.

Every person has their evil side, become your alter ego and join the dark side of the spectrum and create your own Ursula costume.

The lost city of Atlantis

Imagine is said to be inspired by the lost city of Atlantis, and this year will feature a special water hologram production. They will also have misters and fountains to splash, play, and keep cool.

They have a unique area called the Imaginarium where there will be workshops such as yoga at Neptune's Dome, flow arts at Triton's Arena, and permaculture at Poseidon's Pavilion.

Everyone loves a good theme party so just imagine this as an aquatic fairytale. Keep cool and get creative!


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