What To Wear To Buku Music + Art Project 2022

| March 16, 2022

Buku Music + Art Project is just weeks away and it's your job to show up in style. You’ll need an eye-catching outfit that embraces the graffiti and industrial art incorporated into the three-day festival. From trippy shirts and colorful mini dresses to funky kaleidoscope glasses, iEDM has everything to make you a fashion star for the entire weekend. Enter Buku looking fresh and ready to party with iEDM's selection catered specifically for its eccentric vibes. 



Check out iEDM’s Buku Music + Art Project 2022 Fashion Guide below.





MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses

See life from a new perspective with iEDM's MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses. These glasses have a flat viewing area combined with precisely cut edges, equating to a mesmerizing visual effect unmatched by any other kaleidoscope glasses. This flawless arrangement allows for more clarity while maintaining a kaleidoscope halo effect. Transform Buku into your own world radiating with energy you’ve never experienced before.


Grab iEDM's MC Squared Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE!



Suger Skull Face Mask

iEDM's Suger Skull Face Mask shows off your personality and high energy. Its infectious smile is sure to come with new companions and exciting memories wherever you take it. The complex design is modeled after Cinco de Mayo festivities, which go hand-in-hand with non-stop singing, dancing, and celebration. Wear this face mask and show off your permanent smile to everyone you meet at Buku.


Grab iEDM's Suger Skull Face Mask HERE!



Neon Graffiti Crop Top

iEDM's Neon Graffiti Crop Top is the perfect way to make a splash on day one of Buku. Black squiggles with bright green borders lay on top of a sporadically divided background, mixed with sections of pink, blue, and yellow.  The unique design matches up with Buku’s graffiti environment, especially the way that the background is lightly shaded. 


Grab iEDM's Neon Graffiti Crop Top HERE!



Space Goof Tank

Repping the Space Goof Tank is a solid way to attract new rave friends at Buku. On the front is a picture of Goofy wearing a dripped out pink sweatshirt and a baby blue snapback. His eyes peek out from behind the shield visor sunglasses that depict planets and space. To add more psychedelic confusion, a faded replica of Goofy is on each side of the tank which will make fellow ravers feel like they are seeing triple. The back of the shirt has intricate geometric patterns on top of an infinite galaxy. This tank is a must-have for Buku that can be worn time and time again.


Grab iEDM's Space Goof T-Shirt HERE!



Transcension Rave Bra

One of the most vivid rave wear iEDM has to offer is the Transcension Rave Bra. The blend of crystallized blues and tantalizing purples creates a sense of warmth and security. In the middle, a distorted figure gazes into the unknown. This rave bra presents endless possibilities for its beholder.


Grab iEDM's Transcension Rave Bra HERE!



Tripping With Him T-Shirt

Wear the Tripping With Him T-Shirt to Buku and any other concert you go to for the rest of the year. A melting Bart Simpson wears a shirt with a mushroom on it while sticking his tongue out. Rainbow clones of Bart mirror him on the left and the right. In the background, “I Will Not Trip Alone” is written on an everlasting scale. Buku’s attendees will stare at this T-shirt in utter shock as you dance your way through the crowd.


Grab iEDM's Tripping With Him T-Shirt HERE!



Splash Of The 90s Booty Shorts

Stun everyone around you, including the DJ, with these powerhouse booty shorts. The Splash Of The 90s Booty Shorts are colored with an overwhelming mesh of orange, black, lime green, and hot pink. Circular shapes of all sizes are spread out across the front and back of these women's shorts shorts. This dynamic design is guaranteed to turn heads at the New Orleans festival.


Grab iEDM's Splash Of The 90s Booty Shorts HERE!



Star Drip Weekend Shorts

The Star Drip Weekend Shorts are essential to completing your rave wardrobe for Buku. The upper half is a midnight sky filled with stars that oozes onto the lower half, forging a paint-dripping effect. The lower section is a variety of vibrant blues, reds, pinks, and whites swirled together. Throw on these shorts and take your fashion game into the big leagues.


Grab iEDM's Star Drip Weekend Shorts HERE!



Alien Melt Bodycon Mini Dress

There is nothing that Buku can do to prepare for iEDM's flashy Alien Melt Bodycon Mini Dress. The aura of Area 51 merged with a splash of graffiti invites its viewers to take themselves to another dimension. This mini-dress has an immense rainbow alien head on the front and back, each one containing a third eye in its center. Warning, this outfit may melt the faces of anyone in your vicinity.


Grab iEDM's Alien Melt Bodycon Mini Dress HERE!



GBC Drawstring Bag

Carry all your rave supplies with ease while showing off this imaginative design simultaneously with the GBC Drawstring Bag. This concept will bring you back to your good old childhood days. It gives off retro vibes with a realistic-looking Game Boy Color in the forefront and hundreds of Pokémon characters behind it. Buku is all about embracing your artistic values and creativity. This drawstring bag does exactly that.


Grab iEDM's GBC Drawstring Bag HERE!


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