What to Wear to Nocturnal Wonderland 2022

| August 29, 2022

With Nocturnal Wonderland 2022 on the horizon this September 17-18, it’s time to gear up for the upcoming camping and festival activities from North America's longest-standing rave. Taking Southern California weather into consideration, it is important to be prepared for all temperatures by packing a variety of clothing and accessories for this nocturnal celebration. Beat the heat and possibly colder nights during the late silent disco hours with iEDM’s top picks for Nocturnal Wonderland 2022!


Check out iEDM’s Nocturnal Wonderland 2022 Fashion Guide below.



Magic Mushrooms Joggers 

The Magic Mushrooms Joggers are a great choice for cool weather at night and perfectly fit into the Wonderland theme. These high-quality sweatpants are guaranteed to keep you warm and stylish late into the night. The striking rainbow mushroom pattern is an eye-catching addition to your festival wardrobe and can be paired with a variety of tops and accessories.


Buy the Magic Mushrooms Joggers HERE!


Giraffe Spots Weekend Shorts

The Giraffe Spots Weekend Shorts are a standout within the iEDM Shorts collection. This pattern is bright and groovy with waves, while leaving room for many color options to match. Ideal for camping or the early hours of the festival, these will keep you cool and comfortable all day.


Buy the Giraffe Spots Weekend Shorts HERE!



Brizmoshphere Men’s T-Shirt 

You can never go wrong with a T-Shirt at a festival. The Brizmoshphere Men’s T-Shirt features an eye-catching rainbow design that will be a sure favorite for anyone looking for psychedelic hippie-inspired patterns. Size up for an oversized look to your liking.


Buy the Brizmosphere Men’s T-Shirt HERE!


Chill G Leggings

Whether you plan to join a yoga workshop, stay warm, or shield your legs from the sun, theChill G Leggings are a versatile choice for any activity. The high-waisted legging fit is comfortable and flattering, paired with a pattern that is guaranteed to stun fellow Nocturnal Wonderland guests. 


Buy the Chill G Leggings HERE!



Fractaled Vision Unisex Zip Up Hoodie

A warm hoodie is a necessity for those camping, or even if the festival becomes chilly in the later hours. The full-zip style of the Fractaled Vision Unisex Zip Up Hoodie is perfect for staying warm while adding an awe-striking rainbow kaleidoscopic print to your look. If you adore this print, check out the entire collection HERE.


Buy the Fractaled Vision Unisex Zip Up Hoodie HERE!


Hippie Trippy Flowers Joggers

The Hippie Trippy Flowers Joggers are a great addition to your collection, and a signature choice for the silent discos in camp. Since nighttime can be colder, many attendees change into a warmer outfit as soon as they return to their campsite. This adorable pattern is ideal for a twinning couple's outfit. 


Buy the Hippie Trippy Flowers Joggers HERE!



Peace Stock Crop Top and Booty Shorts Combo 

The Peace Stock Crop Top and Booty Shorts Combo is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a one-and-done outfit. The modified 60’s matching pattern is a classic choice for the atmosphere throughout this particular festival. The crop top and booty shorts combination is extremely versatile for any activities within the camp or festival grounds, making this an easy choice for anyone looking for a low-maintenance look that is equally stylish.


Buy the Peace Stock Crop Top and Booty Shorts Combo HERE!


 50mg Plush Blanket 

Aside from outfits, blankets are a must-have for making campsites more cozy. iEDM’s selection of Plush Blankets is uniquely designed for camping in style. The 50mg Plush Blanket is a favorite for fans of trippy patterns and a wise choice for any camping experience.


Buy the 50mg Plush Blanket HERE!



Capricious Chameleon Plush Blanket

The Capricious Chameleon Plush Blanket is a great blanket for Nocturnal Wonderland, as the chameleon is one of several nocturnal creatures featured throughout the event. Instead of using this blanket at your campsite, this can be used to lay on the grass at the stage to take a break from dancing. Get into the spirit with this dazzling print! 


Buy the Capricious Chameleon Plush Blanket HERE!


Catch ‘Em All Tapestry

Last but not least, tapestries are a great way to decorate a campsite, as well as differentiate your temporary home from your neighbors. Since it can be dark when walking through the campground at night, a tapestry that stands out is extremely helpful in finding your way back. TheCatch ‘Em All Tapestry is adorable for all Pokemon lovers, and will undoubtedly attract compliments all weekend.


Buy the Catch ‘Em All Tapestry HERE!


Photos courtesy of Nocturnal Wonderland


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