What To Wear To Ubbi Dubbi 2022

| March 29, 2022

EDM festivals celebrate much more than just music. As an escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world, music festivals serve as a haven for self-expression, individuality, and creativity. There's no better way to show off your true colors than with an outfit that matches the color of your soul and your aura both inside and out. With Ubbi Dubbi set to go down in just a few short weeks, it's time to start planning your rave attire. iEDM’s Festival Collection will not only help you embrace your true self, but also allow you to celebrate the immersive world that is Ubbi Dubbi.

Check out iEDM’s Ubbi Dubbi 2022 Fashion Guide below.



Black Matrix Diffraction Glasses

Enter the matrix and view worlds unknown with iEDM’s Black Matrix Diffraction Glasses. Diffracting light into a multitude of colors and creations, these glasses will transport you from Ubbi Dubbi to a kaleidoscopic realm filled with cosmic wonder and colorful frequencies. Wow your rave crew and venture into vibrant wonderland with these glasses. 

Buy iEDM’s Matrix Diffraction Glasses HERE!



Cosmic Flow Tank


Flow through the vibrations of the cosmos with this psychedelic festival tank. The Cosmic Flow Tank is filled with trippy splashes of vibrant blues, purples, greens, and yellows, which have an uncanny resemblance to the colors of Ubbi Dubbi. Shine bright with this dynamic tank. 

Buy iEDM’s Cosmic Flow Men’s Tank HERE!



Alien Melt Crop Top

Embrace the martians and open your third eye with this celestial crop top. The Alien Melt Crop Top is designed with a multitude of bright colors surrounding an alien being that will surely melt your mind like a wonky bass drop. Get in tune with the way of the cosmos with this dazzling crop top. 

Buy iEDM’’s Alien Melt Crop Top HERE!



Trippy Alien Drop Cut T-Shirt


Hop out of the spaceship and pull up to the rave with this tripped out alien-inspired tee. The Trippy Alien Drop Cut T-Shirt is ideal for both men and women who are looking to expand their consciousness beyond the known universe. You’ll feel free in this oversized flowing shirt as you headbang to the filthiest wubz at Ubbi Dubbi. 

Buy iEDM’s Trippy Alien Drop Cut T-Shirt HERE!



Einstein's Past Time T-Shirt


Ponder your existence and unravel the fabric of spacetime with Einstien’s Past Time T-Shirt. Depicting the infamous thinker known as Albert Einstien with a tab of LSD on his tongue, this shirt may have you floating through time itself. Explore worlds unknown with this trippy tee. 


Buy iEDM’s Einstien’s Pastime T-Shirt HERE!



Two Galaxies Tank

Summon your spirit animal and embody the light of the universe with the Two Galaxies Tank. Designed to help you collide with kindred spirits, this sensational tank depicts a cosmic wolf coming in contact with a butterfly filled with all the secrets of the universe within its wings. You will feel at one with the universe while dancing to your favorite DJs with this tank. 

Buy iEDM’s Two Galaxies Tank HERE!



Ascension Colors Weekend Shorts

Ascend beyond the cosmic gates while staying cool in that Texas heat with these stylish weekend shorts. Designed with intricate geometrical patterns, the Ascension Colors Weekend Shorts will open portals to new dimensions while you shuffle your way through the crowd at Ubbi Dubbi. You’ll be dancing along to the vibrational frequencies at every stage with these shorts. 

Buy iEDM’s Ascension Colors Weekend Shorts HERE!



Happy Tabs Booty Shorts

Turn heads and frowns upside down with the Happy Tabs Booty Shorts. You’ll not only be the center of attention with these shorts, but you’ll be spreading happy vibes throughout Ubbi Dubbi. 

Buy iEDM’s Happy Tabs Booty Shorts HERE!



Tripped Out Bandana

For those that want to keep it simple yet stylish, consider rocking the Tripped Out Bandana at Ubbi Dubbi. With a mesmerizing black and white mandala gracing the front, this bandana goes perfectly with any type of rave attire. Whether you're using it as a face mask or just to keep your hair up while dancing, this bandana is the perfect festival accessory. 

Buy iEDM’s Tripped Out Bandana HERE!



Splatter Ying Yang Drawstring Bag

Celebrate the duality of life while keeping track of all your rave essentials with this festival-ready drawstring bag. The Splatter Ying Yang Drawstring Bag showcases a tripped-out Ying-Yang symbol with funkadelic colors over a black background. Stay trippy yet grounded with this drawstring bag. 

Buy iEDM’s Splatter Ying Yang Drawstring Bag HERE!



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