You've Cat To Be Kitten Me Right Meow: 10 Cat Clothes We Love


| September 03, 2016

Cats are the greatest animal to walk the planet and there's no denying that. With their unconditional love and furry little bodies, what's not to love? If I could bring my cat with me everywhere, all-day, everyday, I would.

Unfortunately, I cant. However, fortunately, iEDM is stocked with dozens of cat items. Rep your love for cats and kittens everywhere you go. It's the next best thing to having an actual cat follow you around all day. Plus its the purrfect excuse to use cat puns all day and who doesn't love being punny?

1. Eye Of The Kitty

Who needs the eye of the tiger when you have the eye of the kitty? Not all kitties are small and cute, some are grumpy, and a force to be reckoned with. Embrace your evil kitty side by rocking this.

2. Catspolsion

With the weather cooling down, that doesn’t mean your style has too. You shouldn’t need any purrsuasion with this awesome cat.

3. Kittyzilla

This kitty just wants to be loved. Maybe that’s why he’s destroying the town. Or maybe he missed his favorite DJ at the last festival. Stop Pro-cat-sitnating and help this little kittyzilla out.

4. Kittyspolsion

What’s better than a cat walking away from an explosion in cinematic fashion? A kitten walking away from an explosion in cinematic fashion. Someone get this kitty some sunglasses because he’s pretty much the coolest cat I’ve ever seen.

5. Cat Shall Not Pass

YOU SHALL NOT PASS. Even though we know Gandalf is a pretty cool guy, we know the love for cats is real. Lord of the Rings reference but with a cat instead? That's hard to pass up.

6. Cat Collage

Pants, at a time like this? Absolutely! Leggings always count as pants in our eyes and they’re comfortable too. Show off in your socially acceptable sweatpants and look good doing it with these cat leggings. So many meows!

7. Cool Cat

You've cat to be kitten us right meow. Cool cat here looks like he knows how to have a good time. Sign us up to party with him. This cat knows how to look cool and equally adorable.

8. Stellar Cat

Ever wanted to leave earth and live in another galaxy with just cats? I’m pretty sure I have this thought every single day. This is pretty much the closest we can get at this point though. Just close your eyes, throw on this shirt, and pretend you’re in your own cat filled world.

9. Vortex Cat

You’re sure to look paw-sitively catastic in this. Time to get sucked into a vortex of cat puns because people are going to be coming up to you all day in this to compliment you.

10. King Cat

King of the world? I’d rather be king of the cats any day of the week. Or queen of the cats, either works quite frankly. Cats already think they are royalty, might as well just show off your cat loving pride. Not to mention the cat on the shirt looks meow-nificant in a crown.


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