Burning Man Festival Clothing and Accessories Burning Man Festival Clothing and Accessories

Burning Man is not your traditional music festival, but instead a flagship event that has its own rules. This year, the Burn will take place August 26 to September 3 for 10 days in the desert surrounded by music, art and people from across the world. 

Each year, tens of thousands of people come together in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary community that features some of the best artists and collectives in the world. 

There are theme camps that throw parties various days of the week, some who have been there since the very first Burn. Then on the last day, everyone gathers together to burn the man, which is a giant art structure in the middle. 

Unlike major festivals, Burning Man has its own set of principles that are unique to the Burner community. Here are the 10 Commandments of the Burn:

Radical Inclusion



Radical Self-reliance

Radical Self-expression

Communal Effort

Civic Responsibility

Leaving No Trace



Burner fashion is unique from the traditional festival community too. Burning Man outfits include a lot of leather and more a steampunk style featuring goggles and hardware. Burners love LED toys to light up the desert sky. There is a lot of faux fur jackets and vests, and platform shoes. 

And most importantly, don't forget your hydration pack. Radical Self-Reliance means you have to be responsible for your own well-being. There are not water stations at your convenience, instead you must pack in and pack out all your supplies, including water. 

If this year will be your first Burning Man experience, it is recommended that you read up on the experience so that you come prepared.




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