Festival season is our favorite time of the year and for good reason. During the season, hardly a month goes by without a huge music festival happening somewhere in the world. With Ultra Music Festival kicking off the festivities in March, the party continues until EDC Orlando in November. In between are events like EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Electric Forest, Paradiso, Mysteryland and so much more! We here at iEDM love everything EDM and festival-related, so we're here to help you with your festival wardrobe.

One of our favorite things about festival season is the absolute plethora of looks that fill festival grounds. Some people prefer to dress more conservatively with shirts and jeans, some go all out with tutus and pasties. But hey, you do you. If you want to make a statement, dress for comfort, wear clothes you can’t wear anywhere else, or just rock that top you bought on sale, you can wear anything at festivals. I personally enjoy crafting a number of different looks for different festivals and shopping for festival season is one of my favorite parts of the season. Afterall, you can never have too much EDM clothing

A lot of festivals have different themes and different wardrobe staples (does anyone go to Coachella without a flower crown?) but there are a few constants that you can wear to any festival across the globe and still fit in. Moonrise? Burning Man? Bonnaroo? We got you covered. Our Festival Season collection features everything from clothes to accessories that are perfect for any and all festivals. You'll fit in and still look unique. 

Not sure which festivals to attend? We’ve included a month-by-month list for you with links. Whether you’re a regular attendee or looking for a new festival to add to your repertoire, these are our favorites per month. Keep in mind that this list is by no means comprehensive, there are hundreds (not exaggerating) of festivals, raves, concerts and events that fill festival season. Our list is limited to the US, but if you feel like traveling, Europe has an incredible scene as well!

Our Festival Season collection features a number of festival essentials from tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, kandi and eye-wear, to non-essentials like blankets to catch the stars at a camping festival. We’ve rounded up our top picks for you. Check out our newly updated festival collection and start prepping your rave wear for the 2018 festival season!