PM 2.5 Mask FAQ

Dear iEDM PM 2.5 Mask and Filter customers, please note that as of April 26 we have moved our fulfillment from California to Florida to fix the delays you have experienced. We are devoting all of our efforts and resources into catching order fulfillment up as we work around the clock with our new fulfillment partners.


Q. Where do the masks ship from?
A. Florida

Q. Where are the PM 2.5 Filter masks made?
A. China

Q. Where are the Non-Filter masks made?
A. California

Q. Why does it take so long to ship? 
A. Due to high demand and employee safety, it will take longer for orders to be fulfilled. iEDM is a small business.

Q. Why didn't I receive my entire order?

A. In order to ship items as ship as quickly as possibly we might have to split your order. Don't worry, your other items are on the way!

Q. Do you have discounts for First Responders?
A. First Responders email us for 25% Off!


Q. Do these masks fit kids? 
A. Our masks can fit kids over 7 however we recommend them more for adults.
Q. How can I clean these?
A. The masks can be machine washed and dried. 
Q. Can I wear these over my N95 or other surgical style mask. 
A. Yes, we've heard a lot of out customers are happy with the results. 


Q. How do I reach customer support?
A. You can reach our customer support team here: