Space Whip Life Time Warranty


If you experience a manufacturer’s defect in electronics, GloFX will warrant your Space Fiber Series Product for the lifetime of your product. Our Lifetime Warranty covers your Space Whip, Saber, Baton, Staff, or Space Fiber Poi Set against any electronic defects in the manufacturing process or caused in delivery process, including overall defective quality, defective workmanship, defective parts, defective supplies, defective assembly, or damage related to the electronic components of the product that have occurred during shipment or delivery. If your product is found to have any of these said defects, we will repair or replace your product with an identical product. If your product has been discontinued, we will replace it with a product of equal value.

All Space Fiber Products are covered under our Lifetime Warranty, no matter when or where you purchased them from. GloFX has sole discretion to determine manufacturer’s defects under the Lifetime Warranty Policy. Please email us with questions about verification or our policy to We wish to provide the best service possible to each and every one of our valuable customers.

To make a claim, please email us at Do not return your Space Fiber products to GloFX without prior consent and provided Return Authorization Number (RAN). Once your RAN is provided and entered into our computer database, you may ship your Space Fiber product back to GloFX. All warranty claims require a $10.00 service, handling, and processing fee. You may include a check or Money Order (M.O.) inside your return package, or fees may be paid over the phone or email upon warrant approval. If your Space Fiber product is denied warrant approval, your check will not be cashed and your $10.00 M.O. will be promptly returned via USPS First Class Mail.

We encourage you to send your GloFX product through a traceable method such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS with insurance and tracking. GloFX is not responsible for lost, damaged, or misdirected packages upon return shipping. Remember to include your original invoice with your shipment for full warranty coverage and clearly label your RAN number on the outside of the package. Please package your Space Fiber Product in a properly sized box or tube equal or greater to the package which was mailed to you. Ensure to properly protect the Powerhouse and fiber when packaging. If a warranty claim is approved, return-shipping costs may be reimbursed only if the claim is made in regards to damage during original shipment. All other postage fees are not the responsibility of GloFX.

Once your Space Fiber product reaches our facility, you will be contacted within 72 hours Monday – Friday. We do our best to process all returns as quickly as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. At the time of contact, your return case is opened and your product is scheduled for review and assessment. All cases will be reviewed within five (5) business days but usually sooner. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for the entire warranty process, including review, warrant approval, labor, and processing.

When assembling your return package, remember to include your original invoice, RAN number, best contact phone number, description of your defect, and check/M.O. (if applicable). Clearly label your RAN on the outside of the package.

If your Space Fiber product is found to have a manufacturers defect, we will cover all domestic postage costs to return the properly repaired or replaced product back to you. This service is estimated as a 2-3 Day delivery time in the USA. If your Space Fiber product does not have a manufacturer’s defect, return shipping costs will be billed to the customer. All international shipments will require a fee for return postage.

If a warranty claim is denied, we will provide estimated repair costs to return your Space Fiber product to original working condition. Costs for labor and parts will be billed separately and provided to the customer prior to any repairs being performed. The customer will have the option to deny the repair and have the product sent back in as-is condition.


This warranty does not cover any Space Fiber products that are lost, stolen, or missing. Nor does it cover any damage caused by the user or the elements such as, but not limited to: Stepped on, smashed, shattered, cracked, bent, chewed, salt water, alcohol, chemical substances, oils, or otherwise broken parts. Any intentional, or non-intentional damage caused by the user is not covered under this warranty, including damage from impact. This warranty explicitly covers defects in electronics or that caused during original shipping. This warranty does not cover any damage to Fiber Optics; including, but not limited to, bent fibers, broken fibers, cracked fibers, inconsistent fiber length, fiber curl, or other types of broken fiber.

This warranty will be voided if the unit is tampered with. If you are experiencing a defect, contact GloFX. Do not disassemble, take apart, or attempt to repair your Space Fiber product.

Due to international laws, restrictions, Customs, and communication barriers; additional fees may apply for international warranty claims or repairs.