Lux Glove Set 2.0

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Lux Glove Set 2.0

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  • Complete Professional LED Glove Set
  • Virtually Indestructible Polycarbonate Lux Casings
  • Intelligent Microlights With Over 1,000,000 Color Combinations
  • Professionally Engineered Display Modes
  • Pro-Click Button for Easy Mode Changing
  • Extremely Bright LEDs
  • Closed Dome Diffusers
  • Over [10] Hours of Battery Life On Any Mode

The Lux Glove Set was custom manufactured for fit, form, and function. Our ergonomically contoured casings wrap around your finger for a feeling of luxury. The crystal clear Lux Casing is made from incredibly durable Polycarbonate material. In fact, this is the same material used to make riot shields to protect the lives of police officers. The clear casing lets the full effect of our high-intensity LED's shine through, and also provides an advanced look.

We didn't stop with the casing - this glove set also features the X-Clip and Pro-Click Button. Our "X" shaped battery clip is designed for insanely fast battery changes and guaranteed to hold your batteries tightly in place. Pro-Click Buttons are easy to press in motion for lightning fast mode changes. Rest assured, we thought of everything when designing this casing. No tools are needed for battery changes.

Powered by a custom microchip that features onboard memory only found in Lux Series products, the Lux Chip allows the user to select their own custom color scheme from over 1,000,000 color combinations and variations. Select your favorite colors and enjoy nine versatile mode patterns. Or, find your perfect mode and convert your chip to one mode only. The onboard memory allows the LEDs found in the glove set to "save" your favorite color pattern without fear of it being lost... even if the batteries are removed! Immediately return to your favorite setting with only one click. We've created an LED that emits incredible amounts of light, but still lasts. On any mode running non-stop, our LED's remain lit for over 10 hours! Some modes last up to 20 hours.

These are the ultimate Gloves for any LED Glove Set. Specially manufactured by GloFX just for gloving! Extra spandex for a super stretchy feel, yet tight enough fit to hold all of your lights snuggly in place! Reinforced, double laced joints between each finger ensure supreme durability. Any glover's top choice.

LUX 2.0 Updates

  • 34 Vibrant Colors + Blank
  • Turns Off in .4 Second
  • Brightness Control
  • Battery Drain Protection
  • Chip Lock
  • Default Colors: Blue, White, Green
  • Many other bug fixes and performance enhancements
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