10 Accessories for Coachella

| April 02, 2017


Coachella is one of the best-known music festivals on the West coast, if not in the US as a whole.

Famous for its laid-back Indie-hipster vibe, the plethora of celebrities that frequent the festival grounds and the huge lineups that draw the biggest names in the music world, Coachella is a festival not to be missed.

In addition to the music, people, and vibes, this California festival is also famous for its signature look. From flower crowns to aviator sunglasses, Coachella is unquestionably fashionable.

We've rounded up our favorite ten accessories for Coachella that combine fashion with practicality. You'll match the cool vibes but still stand out with our unique accessories. 


1. Floral Cat Eye Kaleidoscope Glasses

Florals and Coachella are synonymous with one another, but instead of taking the flower crown route, try out our floral kaleidoscope glasses. These glasses bend and refract light creating cool patterns. These glasses work both during day and night and will provide you with stunning visuals and a fashionable floral pattern. 



2. Across the Chasm Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie 

Across the Chasm Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie

Flowers are the name of the game and our zip-up hoodie is perfect for the cool April nights. Our hoodie features a delicate cherry blossom design that matches with the spring feeling of Coachella. You can zip up or down, depending on how cool the night is, and look fashionable no matter what. 


3. Astronaut Pals Blanket 

Astronaut Pals Blanket

Dancing for hours on end can really take it out of you, so when you feel like you need a break, sit down on our astronaut pals blanket. You can stretch out on the blanket and soak up the sun, or just relax and watch the stage from a distance while you catch your breath. The unique design is definitely a conversation starter and the panda and cat astronauts radiate good vibes. 


4. Sunburst Beats


Sunglasses are a must at Coachella. The California sun can be brutal and protecting your eyes is very important. Our Sunburst Beats do double duty by protecting your vision from harmful UV rays, and upping your cool factor. The bright colors will match the bright colors at Coachella and stand out from the standard aviators. 



5. Light Pink Frosted Fluffies

Light Pink Frosted Fluffies

Fluffies are a festival must-have and among the many colors that we offer, our light pink fluffies match best with Coachella. The soft pastel color highlights any outfit and is an attention-grabber. Fluffies are great to wear while dancing and keep your legs warm when the nights get cooler. 


6. Porter Robinson Kandi Cuff

Porter Robinson Kandi Cuff

Kandi is a huge part of rave culture and a Porter Robinson cuff is just what your outfit needs. Porter and Madeon are finishing their Shelter Tour at Coachella (I wish I could be there!) and wearing a Porter cuff is a great way to show your support for both Coachella and the hugely talented artists playing there! 


7. GloFX Team 5-Mode Glove Set: Fantasy Elite

Gloves are one of my favorite things to bring to events. Light shows and flow arts are a beautiful part of rave culture and our 5-Mode Glove Set features brilliant colors, are easy to navigate between modes and face-melt guaranteed! You can turn your lights on once the sun goes down and start gloving to your favorite artist! 


8. Tribal Safari Diffraction Glasses 

Diffraction glasses are always fun for festivals. Maybe not too useful during the day, but once the California sun sets and the lights onstage are flashing, slip on our diffraction glasses and watch the lights from another perspective. Our diffraction glasses bend and diffract light, breaking down individual light beams into itsfull-colorr spectrum. The fun design matches Coachella's Indie-hipster vibe and will let you see Coachella in a whole new light. 



9. Pink Rave Leg Wraps

Pink Rave Leg Wraps

Not feeling fluffies? My favorite alternative to fluffies is leg wraps. These comfortable leg wraps come in a variety of colors but the soft pink color matches Coachella's flowery vibe. Leg wraps are cute and versatile, they match almost any outfit and they look great on your legs! 



10. Mario Star Kandi Necklace 

Mario Star Kandi Necklace

We love kandi and this adorable Mario Star Kandi necklace is a bit of a throwback. The bright yellow is an eye-catcher and who doesn't love Mario? The kandi necklace demonstrates your love for the rave scene and retro video games. Kandi necklaces are also unique, much less common than singles and cuffs, but just as fashionable! 


Still at a loss what to wear for Coachella? Don't worry, we have your back. You can check out our new Coachella collection, or our suggestions for ten outfits to wear at Coachella

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Lindsey Moriyama

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