10 All-Over Print Bandanas For Under $30

| October 24, 2017

Bandanas a a fun accessory that can spruce up any rave outfit

If you have long hair, they are perfect for tying back any unwanted fly-aways. If you are getting your workout on in spin class, they are the perfect way to wipe away that sweat. And if you are riding the rail at a festival, they are perfect for using as a vibrant rage mask. 

We've all seen the traditional bandana pattern and they are cool and classic. But iEDM offers vibrant, hi-definition bandanas that are super soft and sublimation printed so they will stay colorful forever. 

Turn heads with these 10 trippy bandanas for under $30. 


1. Bass Rainbow Bandana



The Bass Rainbow Bandana is perfect for to womp out with at your next basshead event. Tie the bandana so the tie-dye bassdrop shows across your face and “Cozza Frenzy.” Headbanger approved.



2. Dazzling Dimensions Bandana


This galactic design is the perfect accessory for an out of this world outfit. The Dazzling Dimensions Bandana looks great tied around your neck or even your hair. The vibrant colors will pop your rave outfit.



3. Arctic Monkey


The Arctic Monkey Bandana is psychedelic and artistic. It is the perfect festival accessory to monkey around in. And when you aren’t wearing it, you could hang it on the wall because the artwork is so vibrant and beautiful.



4. Attuned Bandana


The Attuned Bandana is an artful design depicting the chakras. It is perfect to take with you to yoga or your next festival. The Attuned design is one of the most popular from our Sacred Geometry Collection.



5. Twisted Skies Bandana


The Twisted Skies Bandana is a high definition design of a spectacular smoky nebula. When you fold the bandana in various ways, the colors will change from cool starscape to a pink cloudy wormhole.



6. Steal Your Cubism Bandana


Deadheads, rejoice! The Steal Your Cubism Bandana is a fractal art approach of the traditional Steal Your Face design. When you fold it up and tie it on your neck or face, the skull will show giving it a trippy look. You can also hang it on your wall as a mini tapestry.



7. Taco Bandana


We have found the perfect bandana for Taco Tuesday. The Taco Bandana shows the delicious close up of your favorite food. Now bring on the tequila!



8. Pointed V Bandana


Say no to boring tie-dye! The Pointed V Bandana features a complex tie-dye design with all your favorite colors.



9. Tattered Flag Bandana



Here is an artistic remix to the traditional red, white and blue! The Tattered Flag Bandana allows you to rep your country with a little flare.




10. The Messenger Bandana


The Messenger Bandana is a tribal design that can be folded into so many ways! If you stare at it long enough, it almost looks like it has eyes.


Add a trippy bandana to your next festival outfit. Check out more hi-def iEDM Bandana Designs HERE. 



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Lacy Bursick

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