10 Anticipated Sets for One Vibration Music Festival 2019

| April 18, 2019

One Vibration Music Festival is on the horizon and if you are anything like myself, planning is not your forte. If this is the case then you are in luck! We have complied a list of 10 incredible acts that will be performing at One Vibration Music Festival.

Sub.Mission, Angry Neighbor and The Mile High Sound Movement are teaming up to bring you the best in electronic music and give you a taste of what Colorado festivals have to offer. Big ups to Unify Mountain Soundz for hosting the event for the third in a row.

Consisting of both local and national acts ranging from psychedelic to dark and dirty to world fusion, these artists are all adept in their craft and serving up art in their own unique flavor. By compiling this list, we hope to help educate and relieve the burden by helping you plan out your weekend. 

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10. ZIIM

For lovers of Deep Dub, catching the sounds of ZIIM is a must. The duo has been steady crushing Denver dance floors over the past year and have recently begun to branch out of Colorado. With their back to back DJing style and differing eclectic tastes, every ZIIM show promises to take you somewhere new. Fresh off a slew of national performances, ZIIM will be bringing the heat to One Vibration, deep and heavy. 


9. VibeSquaD

A true OG in the scene, Aaron Holstein, AKA: VibeSquaD has one of the most original and unearthly sounds that exist. As One of the cultivators of Sonic Bloom Music Festival, VibeSquaD has been droppin’ squish in this region for over a decade. After the decision to postpone retirement due to unforeseen improvement in his health, VibeSquaD will continue to bring the love and devotion to creating new Bass Buddies in the scene.


8. FiYah

The music of FiYah is as diverse as is it delightful, and as a part of the Morflo crew, he has a slew of homies that he regularly collaborates with. His most recent release, ‘Burnin’ Daylight’ is a prime example of his constantly evolving sound, exemplified by a magnificent blend of ambient textures, fat squishies and pulverizing basslines. With this variety of sonic weapons, FiYah tends to take the listener on a journey through sound and dance. Be on the look out for his upcoming rebrand of the FiYah moniker to Phluent, and be sure to catch his set at One Vibration, May 17/18th.


7. Zeke Beats

Hailing from a land down under, Zeke Beats has a variety of techniques in his musical arsenal. Not only is he a Master Turntablist, Zeke also implements the use of a NI Maschine finger drumming controller, allowing him to trigger scenes and loops to scratch over and mix with his finished productions on the fly. Combining the crunchy styles of experimental bass with more traditional genres and high energy breaks, Zeke Beats fuses the otherworldly with the familiar resulting in a thrilling sonic experience akin to few other existing performers. 

Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Zeke Beats HERE


6. Rest in Pierce

With a wide array of styles and sounds, it hard to know what direction a Rest in Pierce set may go but one thing is certain: It’s going to be dirty. As another hyped up and comer, he knows hows to keep his listeners in anticipation, both with musical releases and his in his live performances. Listen to his latest release, the Hybrid EP and don't forget to him catch slingin’ the bangers May 17/18th.


5. Mersiv

Photo Credit: TSLC Productions

Denver local powerhouse Mersiv is one of the quickest developing artists on the come up right now. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Mersiv project has taken off full force and is infiltrating the scene with his particular strain of mind-altering, alien bass. After being picked up by Madison House booking in May of 2018, Mersiv has embarked on a nationwide tour, performing at a whopping 52 concerts from January to April of this year. Another member of the Morflo crew, you can expect to hear collabs between many of the members dropped by both Mersiv, and the aforementioned FiYah. 


4. Freddy Todd

 Freddy Todd is a mastermind of polyrhythmic, funkadelic crunch. Often wielding a keytar on stage to accompany his mind bending arrangements, his music sounds as if it was born in an incomprehensible dimension, beyond the most extreme level of silly. Peep his most recent release “Chrondor” for a glimpse of understanding, and catch at One Vibration, this May, to get the full scoop.


3. Honeycomb

Honeycomb spits, both bars and beats. Tie that together with his ability to DJ, produce, play drums and guitar and you’ll have a recipe for spontaneity. As a renowned beatboxer, Honeycomb embraces improvisation in his performances, and often will emit sounds that simply cannot be replicated by anything else, organic or otherwise. Asides from his scheduled sets, he often roams the grounds of whatever event he happens to be at, with a microphone and portable amplifier to initiate impromptu performances. These often result in unknown artists getting a chance to perform with him, as well as reinforce a vibe of silliness and lighthearted fun. Be sure to catch his main set, and keep an ear out for one of his pop up performances as well.


2. Dirtwire

Dirtwire is a group of aliens trying to pass as musical virtuosos. Melding ethnic music from all pockets of the planet from cultures new and ancient, they are also one of the few acts at One Vibration that is not purely electronic. After meeting each other while  studying foreign music tradition, they have since performed on nearly every continent. With their assortment of “space fiddles and kamale ngonis”, the typical Dirtwire performance is anything but. And if you haven't been convinced already, that global electro acoustic twang you hear in Beats Antiques is due to David Satori being one of members of this trio, as well as, the renowned act.   


1. The Slug Wife Takeover

Slug Wife is a collective of artists, rather than just an individual, but whenever the Slug Wife crew congregates pandemonium is sure to ensue. This collective has been momentous in bringing fringe, underground bass to Colorado and are considered by many to be some of the most influential music producers of this generation. Kursa and Lone Drum of K.L.O. will be in attendance, as well as the don, Seppa. With dimension bending sounds and ill-type cuts scratched throughout, each Slug Wife Takeover is a rare opportunity to experience some groundbreaking art, created by artists on the forefront of the industry. 10/10, do not miss.


These 10 artists and a plethora of other talented humans will performing at One Vibration Music Festival on May 17th and 18th in Hesperus, Colorado. Tickets are on sale HERE. Come vibe with us!



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