10 Artists to See at Lost Lands 2019

| August 27, 2019

In just three short years Excision and his team have brought together thousands of ravers with millions of watts of bass and dinosaurs under the stars. Regardless if you've gone first, second, both years, or new to Legend Valley this year, Lost Lands has become a home away from home for headbangers worldwide. 

Alongside logistic improvements for Lost Lands, Excision has compiled another bone jarring lineup for the EDM community of artists new and returning to Legend Valley. In case the daily music isn't enough you can headbang late night at Sound Camps inside the venue this year!

Here are some of our musical picks from iEDM for Lost Lands 2019!


10. Wooli

Wooli has performed on some mammoth stages in his early career. I found out about Wooli last year on the main stage at Lost Lands. The Bass artist has found himself in some impressive company of the EDM community. Don’t believe me, check his track record.

Listen to his Soundcloud HERE!



9. Habstrakt

Habstrakt is one of many new faces to Lost Lands this year. On Twitter the artist said he has more in his repertoire than just EDM or House Music. If you like venturing into different music Habstrakt is worth a listen. Lost Lands is full of dubstep and heavy bass music so I’m curious to see what Habstrakt produces.

Check out his Soundcloud HERE!



8. Of the Trees

I had the pleasure of experiencing Of The Trees this year in Atlanta on Space Jesus’ Temple of Noom Tour. The downtempo artist dropped some heavy bass in front of wooded themed visuals. After seeing his set, it makes sense to have Of The Trees associated with Lost Lands this year.

Check out his music HERE!



7. Whipped Cream

One rare Lost Lands DJ/Producer holding down the female gender, Whipped Cream is on the EDM scene doing her thing. The energetic and talented Bass artist will be rocking the grounds at Legend Valley this year. The Canadian artist is on the rise and shows no signs of stopping her success anytime soon. She does it because “You Wanted It”.

Want more Whipped Cream? Hear her HERE!



6. Dorfex Bos

Although Dorfex Bos has seen almost two decades in the music industry, 2019 is proving to be a monstrous year for the downtempo bass heavy boss. Bassnectar’s inaugural Deja Voom, Bonnaroo, and Lost Lands are just some 2019 festivals for Dorfex Bos. Be sure to see his Lost Lands set!

Check out his Soundcloud HERE!



5. ATLiens

Gotta show some love for these guys from the name alone. The Atlanta based Electronic duo is always up to wonky things behind their red glowing eyed masks. One Instagram fan even said, “I love how much u and ur music scares me in the best ways”.

Check out these Down South Georgia Boys’ Soundcloud. ATL HO!



4. Space Jesus

Space Boss is back at it again. Gearing up to fully utilize all bass at Legend Valley again this year, Space Jesus is returning for his second coming of Lost Lands. Much of his company will be in attendance at Lost Lands so don’t be surprised to see artist cameos during his set!

Check out Space Jesus HERE!




Black Tiger Sex Machine is a Canadian bass trio with badass tiger helmets. They’ll be holding their church service at Lost Lands for the third year in a row. Not only do they have sermons at their shows and festivals but they often preach some of their beliefs on socials as well. Utmost respect for these fiery felines.

Join the BTSM Church and check out their website HERE



2. Ganja White Night

Bamby and Erwan are the Belgian boys behind the musical duo Ganja White Night. Their heavy beats mixed with reggae influenced sounds provide a unique wave in the EDM scene. Their amazing storyline visuals in unison to their music are some of the most entertaining I’ve seen the past few years. GWN is a returning set you will want to attend at Lost Lands!

Check out the wobbling duo's Soundcloud HERE!



1. Excision

In case you missed the memo, Excision plays at Lost Lands multiple times throughout the weekend. An Excision 2HR Set, b2b Illenium, and lastly a Detox Set! Don't make the mistake of going to Lost Lands and not seeing Excision crank the bass to the max!

Check out his Soundcloud albums HERE!


Lost Lands has been amazing each year and still making improvements. Plentiful water for the masses, dinosaurs small and tall, in addition to bass-filled days and nights. All my fucking headbangers, make your way to Lost Lands

Check out iEDM Lost Lands fashion ideas HERE!


about the writer

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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His first music festival was Counterpoint 2014 and he hasn’t looked back since. He prefers diverse music festival lineups. With a compiling keychain of festival wristbands, he experiences at least one new music festival a year. His nomadic ways have brought him many friends and opportunities along his journey.

He has become a sponge in the EDM community and favors artist like Zeds Dead, Rufus du Soul, and Excision. Always willing to hear new music!

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