10 Beauty Looks to Glam Up Your Rave Outfit

| May 25, 2019

Weather's heating up and hopefully your looks are too. Have the perfect wardrobe, but not sure how to add that extra something that takes your outfit from a 100 to a 1000? With summer in full swing and plenty of festivals, shows, and raves to keep you busy, we're ready to help you take your outfit to the next level. 

Get inspired with our ultimate beauty festival outfit cheatsheet below! 


10. Mermaid x PLURmaid Hydration Pack

Channel your inner PLURmaid by bedazzling your entire body with sequins of your choice and going crazy on the glitter eyeshadow. Go bold with a monochromatic head-to-toe look and add a colored wig for that statement. 

Get your Plurmaid Hydration Backpack HERE



9. Gothic x Chrome Googles

A twist on the traditional steampunk style, this dark gothic-inspired beauty look uses deep purple eyeshadow hues for a glamorous pop of color. This jewel pattern also takes the cake for one of our favorite designs. Add a shimmery, light lipstick to juxtapose the whole look.

Find your Chrome Goggles HERE



8. Pasties x Mesh Bodysuit 

An easy, low-effort trick to glam up your outfit: simply add different colored pasties and stickers to your body. We love how the asymmetric design on this look.

Choose your color in the Mesh Bodysuit HERE



7. Glitter x Holographic Disco Fanny Pack

Pile the glitter high and match it with your fanny pack. Step outside of your comfort zone with some multi-colored braids. 

Buy your Holographic Disco Fanny Pack HERE. 



6. Galactic Dragon Rave Outfit 

Keep it minimal and swipe on a dark lip for this clean, yet badass look. Add some a fluffy headband or double bun for an elevated hairstyle. 

Browse the Galactic Dragon Outfits HERE. 



5. Statement Bandanas

Makeup or face paint can fail you, but a bandana won't. Bring out your best statement bandana and let it do the talking. Plus it protects you from the dust too! 

Browse all our Bandanas HERE



4. Hair Glitter x Brass Spike Diffraction Goggles

We are loving this simple, hair glitter look. Utilizing silver glitter to complement the silver spikes on the goggles, this look is the tiny bit of glam that we need. 

Get your Steampunk Style Goggles HERE.



3. Body Glitter x The Field Trip Weekend Shorts 

Feeling like showing a little skin? Take advantage of the sun and give your body a nice splash of glitter. Add a rainbow mix of colors to match your galaxy clothes.  

Check out our Shorts Collection HERE



 2. Minimalistic Face Stickers x Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses

Glitter is everyone's absolute go-to rave beauty look, but when you feel like changing it up, sometimes less is more. Opt for a few, well-placed star stickers and let your awesome glasses steal the show. 

Get your Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE



1. Braids x LED Goggles 

When you wear them, they are entrancing to bystanders. But even worn on your head as an accessory, these Pixel Pro LED Goggles are still the perfect festival outfit accessory. 

Get your Pixel Pros HERE


Remember to stay hydrated, safe and fashionable this summer! Stay on top of all the trendiest styles with iEDM's Newest Arrivals Collection HERE


Continue building your festival wardrobe with iEDM's Festival Collection HERE. With hundreds of clothes and accessories, your outfits are limitless! 

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Jessica Mao

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