10 Best Totems of Electric Forest 2017

| July 06, 2017

Flying high in the festival sky, at every stage when you look around, you'll see totems everywhere.

Also known as rage sticks or friend finders, totems are a festival favorite and they were in abundance at Electric Forest.

For large festivals like Forest, totems are a great way to help you find your squad when in a huge festival crowd.

Since they represent your rave family, many festival-goers put a lot of time and energy into the making of their totem.

We at iEDM are impressed with the creativity, dedication, and thought that goes into these awesome signs. Unfortunately we can't possibly see them all, but here are our 10 favorite totems from Electric Forest 2017: 


1. Before and After Dub

The Before / After Dub totem is something many bassheads can relate to. Before dub, we have a normal looking guy. After dub, welcome to the rave side with tie-dye and a bass face. The creator Drew Seiter is from Chicago and his squad told me that even 12th Planet shouted them out as his favorite totem. You can find them raging front row at many festivals across the Midwest from North Coast to Infrasound.



2. Lazarus 

EF 2015, Amanda Derr went to dollar tree and purchased a blow up sea horse that her friends named Bon QuiQui. 

"The entire trip our group had made jokes about her ratchetness and together we created an elaborate back story of her thuggish life," she explained. "Qui partied hard for 3 festivals that summer. At WerkOut Fest, we threw her out into the crowd at a Dopapod show and she ended up back at our feet, deflated and disgusting. EF 2017 we created the new Qui. His name was Lazarus and he was Qui's baby daddy. He only lasted half way through Electric Forest but tried to turn up best he could."



3. Lost In The Sauce

The Lost In The Sauce / Mom We Fine totem was inspired from Angel’s mom being super worried when she was going to her first festival. She decided to let mom know she was okay with the “Mom we’re fine.” This totem has seen 6 festivals already so they’re doing something right!



4. Freak Party

This totem comes after a time of political turmoil. Luke Tobin from Ann Arbor got the inspiration from Joe Rogan’s Higher Primate Freak Party. The Freak Party is actually the “party” that Hunter S. Thompson claimed when running for Sheriff in Aspen, Colorado.

Joe Rogan’s motto for his Higher Primate Freak Party: “If you ever start taking things too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.” 



5. When You Get Hit With That Bassgasm

Known for her bass face, Kyliah from Indiana decided to make a totem of it. We all have our bass face, but we gotta say, Kyliah yours is a winner for sure. Thanks for modeling it for us!



6. Lost Raver Dance Party

A fun way to help others, Kayla Mayeshiba decided to make a totem that represents PLUR. Often times we stumble upon lost ravers who can’t find their friends. This Wisconsin clan welcomes lost ravers with open arms.



 7. Party Charmander 

We love Pokemon, so we had to include Party Charmander made by Ashley Crook in Minnesota. With a bass drop necklace, this Party Charmander was ready for Bassnectar on Sunday night! Ashley says he is a reminder that “We all came together to live in peace inside Electric Forest.”



8. Legalize Ranch 

Because who doesn’t love ranch dressing? Madison from Holland, Michigan is a huge Eric Andre fan. If you haven’t see The Eric Andre show on Adult Swim, check out his Legalize Ranch clip HERE



9. Forrest in the Forest 

Welcome to the Forrest was obviously inspired by our favorite classic, Forrest Gump. A classy photo of Forrest Gump in front of the Sherwood Forest background, this Chicago crew can always find each other running through the forest because it even lights up.



10. Slippery Stair 

Eric from San Diego decided to make a Rick and Morty inspired totem of the Slippery Stair. This cartoon snail obviously matches his fun personality. His reason for the totem is "every great adventure is better with friends."



Honorable Mention: Trash Shroom

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This was the case for Toner from Pennsylvania. Confused by what his totem even was, he explained to me how he found this giant mushroom in a garbage can while attempting to figure out a way to sneak beer into the venue. 



Thanks to everyone for taking the time to tell me about their totem creations! The vibes at Electric Forest are indescribable and iEDM is honored to have been a part of it. From the people to the staff, to even the police, everyone was in good spirits and there for a good time. 

In fact, below is a photo of a festival goer receiving his first ever Kandi from a Michigan police officer who was there to protect and serve. 


As festival season continues on, check out the iEDM Festival Collection HERE for more inspiration and stay up to date with festival news and interviews from iEDM On Blast

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Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

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She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

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She loves everything from jam bands, deep house, to dubstep. You can find her at a Bassnectar show dancing with her friends.

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