10 Blankets to Chill on With Your Festy Fam

| April 15, 2017

We've all been there... wanting so badly to just sit down and chill for a minute before the next set. I've seen people go as far as taking their shirt off to sit on. Why do all that when you can simply bring an awesome blanket for you and the whole squad to chill on? iEDM has your back, or shall I say, your bum. 

WARNING: May melt faces, amaze bystanders and create random feelings of All-Over-Print euphoria. Proceed with caution.


1. King Llama Blanket

Get lost in the cosmic view with all of your festy fam. Live like a king, and claim your space with this royal llama. The blanket is so soft, you may even want to pet him. He will keep you warm, and won't even spit on you. This is no ordinary llama. 




2. Cat Hero

DUH NUH NUH NUUUUUH! This courageous kitty is here to save your bum from the grassy turf or those cold camping nights. When you're home, show off your knight in shining armor by hanging him up or throwing him on the bed. He's too cute to be hidden away in the closet. 




3. Pastel Nebula

There we are, stardust floating through space, creating love, light, and fascinating colors. This design is brilliant whether it be on clothes, walls, art pieces, blankets... It gives the sublime vibe that everyone is chasing after at festivals.  




4. Llamacorn

What's rarer than a unicorn? That's right! We have the llamacorn to match her cosmic llama king. Floating on cloud nine with rainbows and a clear sky is what you should be doing at a festival anyway, right? Don't worry, this one won't spit on you either. 




5. Sour Worms

WOW, they look so delicious. Make sure to bring some actual sour worms with you, because you and your friends will be craving them, sitting on the masterpiece. Share with everyone there, and you may even be remembered as the candy crew. Going to the store for some now, brb ... 




 6. Astronaut Pals 

Here we have captured a beautiful moment for our friends, the pretty panda and cosmic kitty on their galactic adventures through the universe. These two have been everywhere except to your next festival. Help them out and bring them along. Your friends will love them. 




7. Gotta Catch 'Em All

For all of the Pokémon fans out there, we have this one just for you. Catch this one on sale! Warning, just because you throw this on someone does not mean you have caught them. It only works 90% of the time. Trust me, the other 10% you don't want to catch anyway. 




8. Loading Screen

Yes, we have yet another for you! Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings. If you are a Pokémon Go player, you get it. It's a good rule to go by no matter where you are or what you are playing, though. Scoop this up to lay it down and enjoy the show. 




9. Tiger 

RAWWWWWR! This big kitty is after something! The print is so realistic, it'll capture any animal lover's eye. He may look fierce, but is still so soft, that everyone will want to pet him. Pack him up, and take him on all of your festival adventures. P.S.- Don't forget to name him!




10. Chill Blanket

What better way to Netflix and Chill than with a Chill Blanket?  This is the perfect blanket for those lazy weekends when you binge your favorite shows or for when you and the squad are chillin' during those midday festival sets. 


We are here to enhance all of your magical experiences and hope that you are having the best festival season yet. Visit iEDM for more amazing prints, designs, accessories and even flow toys. 

about the writer

Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

Read More...Kylie is an Atlanta based writer with an incurable wanderlust. She found her way to EDM music at very early age when her parents would play their Florida breaks techno and amuse her with flow toys in the living room.

Ultra Miami 2015 was her first music festival, and she has been to over 15 more since. Her favorite EDM artists are Bassnectar, Purity Ring, Flume, Griz, and RL Grime. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in marketing with a focus in entertainment. Future plans include living, loving, and creating.

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