10 Colorful Blankets To Take On Your Next Camping Festival

| October 18, 2017

As the chillier side of festival season approaches you want to make sure to stay warm while you're raving with friends. What better way to do that than to wrap yourself up in one of iEDM's colorful blankets.

Not only are they the perfect addition to throw on top of your outfit as you explore the festival grounds but there are so many designs and styles to choose from that are sure to match your personality.  

Add a cozy, colorful blanket to your living room while you Netflix & Chill this winter. 


1. Attuned Blanket

Attune your aura and align your chakras with our Attuned Blanket. Chakras are wheels of energy throughout the body, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These vibrant, rainbow colors and sacred geometry allow you to feel transcendental warmth. 



2. Rocket Man

This Rocket Man Blanket will make you feel like your lost in space with your friends. Travel in to the abyss and lose yourself in the wonders of the universe. Wrap yourself up in this blanket and it will help you find your way during your journey. 



3. The Messenger

This beautiful hand painted, Messenger Blanket by visual artist Abbey Aura will attract the right signs in your life. The complementary colors  and calming detail project sublime and boundless feelings. 



4. Ripple In Space

Ripple through time and space with this magical, cosmic blanket. The serene colors allow you to drift away while staying cozy. Just imagine floating through that water and looking up in to the stars, knowing you're an infinite soul on a journey. 



5. Cheshire Cat

Go down the rabbit hole with this Cheshire Cat Blanket. This Alice in Wonderland inspired blanket is vibrant with organic designs and symmetrical patterns. Unleash your wild, trippy side with this unique blanket. 



6. Landing Blanket

Take a moment to get lost in space and realize that you are the universe. Follow your intuition and notice the synchronicities in your life because everything happens for a reason.



7. Bertha Blanket

Show off your free, hippie spirit with this classic Grateful Dead iconography. This Bertha Blanket will take you back to the 70s with it's colorful tye-dye and Grateful Dead symbolism. You may just want Bertha to start coming around now.



8. Dream Catcher

Be yourself and follow your dreams with our Dream Catcher Blanket. Now is the time to manifest your reality and create what you want to happen in life. Stay motivated with this ultra starry night sky draped on your back.  



9. Mid Summer's Dream

Keep summer alive and let the smoke from this Midsummer's Dream Blanket engulf you in sublime warmth. This spacey, other worldly blanket keep you traveling the universe.



10. Galactic Valley

Get lost in the wilderness and bask in the stars with this Galactic Valley Blanket. These colorful stars will suck you in and make you want to lay your blanket down so you can gaze at the real thing. 



Stay with more iEDM's Collection of Blankets HERE. They are perfect when you want to stay warm at night. They are light weight and easy to carry, so make sure to snag one before your next festival

about the writer

Lauren Newey

Lauren Aura

Read More...Lauren Aura lives in Indianapolis, Indiana where she is currently majoring in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Art, dance and music are her greatest passions and expressions.

She attended her first music festival in 2013 which then ignited her passion for festival culture.

Her favorite artists are Papadosio, Emancipator, Imagined Herbal Flows Alejo, and Tycho.

Her favorite festivals include, Resonance, Hyperion, Good People Good Times, The Werk Out and Paradise.

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