10 Colorful Outfit Picks for Pride 2020

| June 17, 2019

Pride is not just a celebration but a remembrance of all the brave individuals who have paved the way for love and acceptance as a way of life. Throughout the recent decades, the movement towards expanding civil rights for all genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations, has been gaining traction all over the world.

We are lucky enough to live in a country where positive, unifying actions have been taken to secure our rights as individuals. Pride remind us that although many rights have been gained, there are still many places where individuals struggle to be accepted, fight against harassment and even face death and punishment for simply being themselves.

iEDM has handpicked some of our must vibrant, extravagant products that represent what Pride is all about.  


1. Stretch Sequin Bodysuit


This glimmering, glinting sequin bodysuit has the perfect amount of razzle dazzle for any event. The adjustable tie-back and stretch mesh fabric make this bodysuit easy to move in and express yourself. Chose from water opal, cosmic ice and lavender dreams. 

Buy yours HERE



2. Unity Weekend Shorts

These unity weekend shorts are not only perfectly named for the festivities of Pride but this unique design offers a vintage aesthetic. Will never fade or lose it's color, these shorts will be your go to pair. Printed on our sustainable eco-friendly fabrics- it doesn't get much better than this. 

Get your Unity Weekend Shorts HERE.



3. Galactic Invader Diffraction Visor - Rainbow Gradient

This stellar visor provides 180 degrees of diffraction effect, fits over glasses and have a rainbow gradient! Impress your crew with this unique diffraction visor. 

Snag your new rainbow visor HERE. 



4. Faust Booty Shorts

These cute colorful booty shorts are just what you will need during those scorching summer days. Lucky for us- Pride is typically celebrated in the Summer month of June. Less is more for this summertime celebration. 

Spread your wings and take flight with your new pair of Faust Booty Shorts HERE. 



5. Force Woke Men's Tank

If you've been waiting for Pride and the Force to come together in a unifying tank top, this is your lucky day. Rainbows, space and geometry go together like Yoda, Wookies and Ewoks. 

Get your Force Woke Men's Tank HERE. 



6. Rainbow Patchwork Faux Fur Coat

If you've been called "extra" before then you might want to try out our Rainbow Patchwork Faux Fur Coat. The inside is lined with sea tie-dye. 

You can get yours HERE. 


7. Lucid Dreams - App Controlled Low Top LED Shoes

Our new app controlled LED shoes have been getting a lot of love! These color changing shoes will have you light up the night where ever you go! Connect your phone to them and even sync them to the beat!

Get a pair of Ludic Dreams- App Controlled Low Top LED Shoes HERE


8. Eyecopi Kopie Men's Tank

This rainbow, watercolor design will have you looking at life with a whole new outlook. The sublimated design will never fade or wear out. Wear it to a festival, parade, night out on the town and you will always get a positive reaction.

Snag an Eyecopi Kopie Men's Tank HERE.


9. Clear Kaleidoscope Glasses 

Our kaleidoscope glasses have been bringing so much fun to the party. With a variety of unique designs, these glasses have been getting so much love from our fans. Check out more kaleidoscopes HERE.

Get the pair you see about right HERE.


10. Light Up Fur Animal Hood - Color Changing

This light up fur animal hood changes colors and comes as a wolf or polar bear! The design has 20 different colors and can be worn as a boa or a hood. Don't sleep on this- you'll be wishing you had one when the night comes around. 

Snag one HERE. 


Don't forget to check out more at our Glow Factory for all things to light up your night including more glow fur, flow toys and shoes. 


Be sure to check out our Colorful Collection HERE for more vibrant, brilliant additions to your wardrobe. 

about the writer


Read More...Corinne is a Denver-based visual artists and writer.

She grew up in Chicago and then received her BA in Studio Art at University of Minnesota- Twin Cities before making her way to Colorado.

Her first festival was Electric Forest which inspired her to pursue a creative life. She began participating with the Bassnectar team and shortly after starting working behind the scenes of a multitude of music and art events.

You can find her running around Denver getting involved in all things art and music.

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