10 Electric Forest-Themed Tees And Tank Tops To Boost Your Style

| June 09, 2023

Are you ready to elevate your style and immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of the Electric Forest? Look no further than our handpicked selection of Electric Forest-themed tees and tank tops that will effortlessly boost your fashion game.

These spirited and magnetising designs capture the essence of the magical forest, with intricate illustrations, psychedelic colors, and mystical symbols. Whether you are a festival-goer, a nature lover, or simply seeking to infuse your wardrobe with a touch of ethereal allure, these garments will transport you to a world where music, nature, and fashion collide. 

Check out iEDM's 10 Electric Forest-Themed Tees And Tank Tops To Boost Your Style below.


10) Tree Of Life T-Shirt

Tree Of Life T-Shirt

What better way to kick off our list than with a shirt symbolic of the vast forest that comes with this fairy-tale festival experience. The woods in Rothbury, Michigan showcases a sense of organic beauty, and so does this free-flowing design. iEDM's Tree Of Life T-Shirt will take your positivity and energy to new heights.

Check out iEDM’s Tree Of Life T-Shirt HERE!


9) Dreamer Graphic Tank Top

Dreamer Graphic Tank Top

Simplicity is bliss has always been a very accurate statement, as long as it utilized in the right situation. This situation seems to be the perfect fit, considering how the dream catcher in the graphic foreshadows Electric Forest's abilities to help its attendees experience their wildest dreams. Just like the powerful dream catcher, this specific festival is a safe haven from bad thoughts and negativity. 

Check out iEDM’s Dreamer Graphic Tank Top HERE!


8) Neverland T-Shirt

Neverland T-Shirt

Completely opposite to the previous fit, iEDM's Neverland T-Shirt is anything but simple. Lush blooming flowers are sprouting every which way, captivating any passerby with their vibrant petals. This tee would be great to rep during a tribal and organic set like AMÉMÉ's at Electric Forest.

Check out iEDM’s Neverland T-Shirt HERE!


7) Chill Sloth Tank

Chill Sloth Tank

As if seeing lucid-looking ganja wasn't cool enough, the medicinal plants are blended with a friendly sloth. Let's be honest, this sloth is clearly baked out of his mind, but he is also one with nature and has reached a state of inner peace. When someone in the crowd is in need of a light, you should probably have it on deck while wearing this tank.

Check out iEDM’s Chill Sloth Tank HERE!


6) Galaxy Mandala T-Shirt

Galaxy Mandala T-Shirt

Similar to the Tree Of Life depiction, iEDM's Galaxy Mandala T-Shirt consists of a nearly identical celestial background. The recesses of space are an amazing complement to the reflective gold and green mandala symbol. For those unfamiliar with the mandala, it is a beacon for the universe in its true form, transforming suffering into sheer joy.

Check out iEDM’s Galaxy Mandala T-Shirt HERE!





5) Light It Up T-Shirt

Light It Up T-Shirt

Time to do a basic math equation: Yoda + ripping bong = adding a bunch of members to your rave fam at Electric Forest. Although this formula cannot be scientifically proven, Star Wars and weed are like peanut butter and jelly. How do you think Yoda got to be so wise?

Check out iEDM’s Light It Up T-Shirt HERE!


4) Nature's Medicine Tank

Nature's Medicine Tank

Following that awesome graphic tee, I typically would say “name a better duo, I'll wait.” However, you would not have to wait more than five seconds because the two main components in iEDM's Nature's Medicine Tank are the optimal match. The giant, glowing mushrooms are the paintbrush and the luminescent forest is the canvas, enabling you to reshape your reality.

Check out iEDM’s Nature's Medicine Tank HERE!


3) Psychedelic Tribal Tank

Psychedelic Tribal Tank

Speaking of distorting reality, iEDM's Psychedelic Tribal Tank will have you people questioning if they are still at Electric Forest, or have entered the mirror world from Doctor Strange. Embodying pure symmetry, this neon top is delicately forged with intricate geometrical patterns and vivacious pigments.

Check out iEDM’s Psychedelic Tribal Tank HERE!


2) Blacklight Weed T-Shirt

Blacklight Weed T-Shirt

We could not restrain ourselves from having just one marijuana-centric design in our Electric Forest selection. After all, it is a camping festival in the middle of the woods, overflowing with exotic sounds and visual production. The reverberated leaves are sure to play tricks on the eyes of your fellow bassheads.

Check out iEDM’s Blacklight Weed T-Shirt HERE!


1) Neon Forest Tank

Neon Forest Tank

Coming full circle, we had to do right by Electric Forest and have a terra firma landscape take the top spot on our countdown. iEDM's Neon Forest Tank maximizes the aesthetic qualities of the organic planet we inhabit. Its bright pink sky and tranquil stream align seamlessly with the looming Evergreens and towering Oak trees.

Check out iEDM’s Neon Forest Tank HERE!



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