10 Epic Totems Of Okeechobee 2018


| March 12, 2018

Okeechobee 2018 was one for the books. Year after year, this Florida festival has proven to be one of the best camping festivals in the U.S.

Their line up will blow away any music lover. Okeechobee 2018 featured an unforgettable Snoop Dogg Pow-Wow, 2 incredible Bassnectar sets, late night techno in the jungle with Honey Dijon, and an epic daytime beach party with Poolside. (Check out the exclusive iEDM interview at Okeechobee with Poolside HERE.)

But, one of the best parts of this festival beyond the music is the amazing art and people. Many collectives came together to build awe-inspiring larger than life art-installations with pyrotechnics. 

Then there were the festival families who held their squads together with creative totems in the crowd. 

Here are 10 of our favorite totems from Okeechobee 2018: 


1. Honey Mooners 

Kendal & Craig from Tampa decided to celebrate their honeymoon at Okeechobee 2018. What a great way to enjoy all the music you love with all the people you love. Congratulations Kendal & Craig, we wish you a lifetime of happiness! Couples who rave together, stay together! 


 2. Trippy Mario 

This squad's totem glowed so bright at night, we had to include them! Uh oh Mario, you weren't supposed to eat Toad's magic mushroom! No matter what stage you were at, this epic totem lit up the set. 


3. T-Rex Ranch Attack 

These two totems were both epic and hilarious. The T-Rex totem had a moveable mouth ready to chomp any totem in its way. The Ranch totem is a play off the Eric Andre Show Episode "Hit This Ranch," because who doesn't love ranch? This T-Rex certainly does. 


 4. Dan's Bass Face Clones 

Dan from Michigan decided to make not one, but TWO totems of himself, but with green hair. Now his friends can never lose him. With the google eyes and perfect replication of his bass face, your mini-me totems are a spitting image of you, Dan. 


5. Jim Carey Tide Pods

A trippy Jim Carey on the back and a Cookie Monster eating Tide Pods on the front, this totem makes fun of certain current events. The Okeechobee logos add a nice touch along with the glowing foam lining it. 


6. Pizza-Nectar 

There was an abundance of bass drop themed totems at Okeechobee Festival because there were two epic sets of Bassnectar throughout the weekend. The pizza nectar totem was easy to find day or night. During the day, the delicious pizza slice was topped with bass drop pepperonis. At night, the yellow triangle glowed from afar, making it the perfect friend finder for this bass head crew. 


7. Wilson 

This Wilson totem was the perfect friend finder at this tropical-themed festival. The pineapple hair and glowing face made it easy to find in a crowd at night. Sometimes when you are lost at a festival, you just need a friend and Wilson was there for his rave family crew. 


 8. The Office Favorites 

This Okeechobee earthling said his crew couldn't agree on a totem until finally, someone suggested their favorite show, The Office. They choose their favorite Dunder Mifflin characters to quote. One side is Dwight saying "Today smoking is going to save lives," and the other side is Michael saying, "This place looks like a sexy pre-school." 


9. Foliage 

During the bassy beach party on Sunday afternoon at the Aquachobee Stage, this headbanger let his long locks flow. His totem? Some nice foliage. We aren't sure why or where he got it, but he rocked it most of the set. He whipped his hair perfectly to the riddim sounds of Ganja White Night b2b Squnto b2b Boogie T b2b Subtronics. All the Okeechobee bass heads were out for this one, headbanging in synchronicity, plants and all. 


10. Carl

Bae-Nectar on the front and Carl on the back, this is the ultimate festival totem. It combines the on-going festival joke, "CARL" mixed with their favorite artist. We heard people yelling for Carl once again at Okeechobee, but it appears he has been found on this totem. 


Thank you to the Okeechobee team for putting on such an awesome event. This was a great start to festival season 2018! The vibes are unforgettable and the lineup offered a little bit of everything, tons of festival fashion, plus once in a lifetime performances. 

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Check out the iEDM exclusive interviews from Okeechobee featuring Poolside HERE and Nightmares On Wax HERE


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Lacy Bursick

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