10 Essentials For Winter Raves

| January 21, 2022

This winter is becoming colder by the day. Beat the ice with these winter essentials crafted for comfort and warmth. Outdoor raves are best spent wearing secure and accommodating clothing for the unpredictable winter weather. It doesn't matter if you're in sunny California or snowy Washington state, iEDM has everything you need this winter, including hoodies, blankets, bomber jackets, and so much more. iEDM prides itself on style and comfort, so explore our winter must-haves and find the one that calls your name.


Check out iEDM's 10 Essentials For Winter Raves below.





Casual but essential for winter, iEDM hoodies provide instant snugness while you disco outside. Layer with a rave cloak for added warmth. Sew the patches you’ve saved since your last festival on your hoodie and make it distinctively yours. Flaunt this hoodie as your airport attire on your way to your next festival destination. 


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Pullover Hoodies HERE!

Want a Zip-Up Hoodie instead? Check the entire collection of Zip-Up Hoodies HERE!





Sweatshirts are the epitome of winter attire. Applicable for home, work, or nightlife, this essential can be paired with accessories for a consistent and uniform appearance. Gifting an iEDM sweatshirt to your best friend or significant other for their winter birthday is a gift they will appreciate. 


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Sweatshirts HERE!



Hoodie Dress & Leggings Combos


Don't dim your desire to be hotter than the sun. If you crave more heat and still want to wear a dress, sport iEDM's hoodie dress and leggings combo. Not only is this a hoodie dress, it can be worn as an oversized hoodie. This hot and colorful ensemble is made with 100% premium quality poly-fleece fabric for a soft and secure feel. Pair your hoodie dress and leggings with boots for a polished look. 


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Hoodie Dress & Leggings Combos HERE!



Hoodie & Joggers Combos

iEDM's hoodie and joggers combo are a safe option when indecision creeps on you before the rave. This combo is anything but compressing when the jeans in your closet look like a stiff option. Finish the ensemble with a bomber jacket or rave cloak to spice up your look for any occasion. iEDM's vast range of hoodie and joggers combos are perfect for resting at home or looking refined during a night out.


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Hoodie & Joggers Combos HERE!



Rave Cloaks

This essential is totally underrated. iEDM rave cloaks make an unforgettable statement on the dance floor. All cloaks are hooded and made of 100% premium quality poly-fleece fabric to keep you toasty. Cloaks can be layered on top of any outfit to combat the elements. Pair with a matching iEDM long sleeve crew, leggings or joggers for a complete look.


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Rave Cloaks HERE!



Bomber Jackets

iEDM's collection of bomber jackets display a sophisticated look with a hoodie feel. Bomber jackets add an enticing flare to any outfit. Layer your bomber jacket with the top and bottom of your choice. Experiment with this vital item all winter for versatile outfit combinations. There's a bomber jacket print for every occasion, from delicate floral to technicolor skulls, to a name a few.  


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Bomber Jackets HERE!



Face Masks

Your face mask collection deserves to be as unique as your outfit. At iEDM, you can mix and match your outfit with your face mask. This winter essential improves any outfit no matter the mask style. Utilizing your mask as a statement piece allows you to try all of the contrasting aesthetics you've longed to experiment. 


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Face Masks HERE!



Hooded Blankets

The ultimate way to stay warm and cozy is to trick your body into thinking it never left home. Stay ahead of freezing wind or snow with an iEDM hooded blanket. This essential is beneficial for camping trips while sitting by the campfire. Is your festival happening no matter what, rain or shine? Protect yourself from the chilling rain at any rave. 


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Hooded Blankets HERE!




This is not your childhood footed onesie. It's better because all iEDM onesies come with a hood. Onesies can be accessorized with kandi for a quintessential ensemble. Buy matching onesies for the whole rave family for your next winter event. With an abundance of prints, there’s a onesie for everyone to adore. 


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Onesies HERE!




These winter nights at home or on the dance floor call for a one-of-a kind iEDM blanket to keep your cozy and warm. Finish your fresh to death outfit with a matching blanket for this year's new drip. A softer than cotton feel offers elevated comfort for your bedroom and living room. The perfect feng shui can be achieved with styles varying from aliens, sacred geometry, and psychedelic mandalas. 


Check out iEDM's entire collection of Blankets HERE!



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