10 Extraordinary Artists To Catch At Camp Bisco 2019

| April 22, 2019

Camp Bisco is one of the Northeast’s most highly anticipated events because of all the eclectic music and incredible vibes it offers. Taking place in Scranton, PA at the Montage Mountain resort, it is the ultimate getaway for music lovers who are open to broadening their tastes.

This year’s lineup completely blew us away and is hands down one of the greatest ones this festival season! If you are planning on attending this year and want to make the most out of your time there, we highly recommend seeing all the artists on this list! Here are our picks for the show-stopping acts you have to see at year’s Camp Bisco!


10. Mersiv 

Mersiv has kick started his career over the past year and established himself as one of the most promising up and coming producers in the scene. Fans cannot seem to get enough of his distinctively powerful sound design and enthralling live shows. He gained serious momentum with the release of his Phase One EP and recently finished his first nationwide tour with Boogie Trio! He is without a doubt a legend in the making so be sure to catch him in action at Camp Bisco!



9.  Slug Wife Takeover – Reso, Seppa, Broken Note 

Credit: Stellar Productions

Slug Wife is a record label and music collective dedicated to giving inventive underground artists a platform to showcase their music while protecting their creative freedom. Reso, Seppa, and Broken Note are some of the UK’s most groundbreaking producers and will be bringing their revolutionary sound to Camp Bisco under the label. The Slug Wife Takeover is guaranteed to have some of the most unique music you hear all weekend making it perfect for experimental bass enthusiasts.



8. The Disco Biscuits

 Credit: Eye of the Storm 

Not only are the Disco Biscuits one of the most legendary bands on the lineup, but they are also the visionaries behind Camp Bisco. The band founded this festival over 15 years ago with the intention to create a gathering where all forms of music and artistic expression can be embraced and celebrated. Their ability to consistently bring out the most innovative artists around is the reason why the festival is loved by so many. The Disco Biscuits will play a whopping 6 sets this year so there are plenty of opportunities to get your fix here! Camp Bisco would feel incomplete without catching them there so make The Disco Biscuits a priority!



7. STS9

 Credit: STS9

Electro-funk masterminds STS9 will be once again blessing Camp Bisco with their soulful sounds. They pour unwavering love and creativity into every single one of their performances which is why their music resonates with so many people. They are by far one of our favorite live acts making them one of our top picks to see at the festival.



6. Tipper

 Credit: Camp Bisco

Tipper is a pioneer in electronic music whose intricate and mind bending beats are unparalleled and a source of inspiration for countless other musicians. His performance at Camp Bisco last year was one of the most memorable ones at the festival because of how enchanting and moving it was so we cannot wait to see what he has in store! This is one of the only festivals he will be playing at this summer so take advantage of the incredible opportunity to watch him work his magic!



5. Kursa 

 Credit: Moon Vision

Hailing from Bristol, Kursa is a producer whose heavy hitting breakbeats and grimy style has captured worldwide attention and recognition. He has recently taken the US by storm with nonstop touring and music releases under Slug Wife and is only just getting started. Whether he is playing at a festival or an intimate club, the dynamic energy he brings is a force to be reckoned with and you won’t want to miss him at Camp Bisco.




Credit: OHDAYGO Photography

LSDREAM is the brainchild of producer Brillz which he recently created in the pursuit of a more spiritual and dreamlike side of music. Judging from his release Renegades of Light and the electrifying atmosphere present at his shows, this rebranding was one of the boldest and most rewarding steps in his career. LSDREAM is budding into something truly magnificent and ethereal so get the chance to see it in its early stages while you can!



3. Rusko 

Credit: MsMoonLightArts

If you are a fan of infectious energy and insanely filthy dubstep, then Rusko is someone you should definitely see at Camp Bisco. The British DJ is one of the most influential artists on this lineup and is known for his enthusiasm and commanding music style. His set is bound to be one of the most energetic ones at the festival so do yourself a favor and experience it!



2. Odesza 

Odesza is a duo that rose to stardom over the last few years thanks to their deeply emotive music that is uplifting with its warmth and beauty. They are currently on their A Moment Apart tour and have been selling out shows nationwide and internationally which is a testament to their wild success and passionate fan base. Odesza’s blend of electronic music and live instrumentals are a perfect reflection of Camp Bisco’s diversity so seeing them there is a must.  



 1. Bassnectar

        Credit: Camp Bisco

Bassnectar has become a staple at Camp Bisco over the last 10 years because of the intensity and unsurpassed production of all his performances there. The world-renowned DJ just debuted his Reflective Part 4 EP and it is packed with some of the most brilliant tracks he’s ever produced so seeing them live is a must! Bassnectar has been known to play some of his most iconic festival sets at Camp Bisco so don’t miss out on all the madness there!


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