10 Favorite T-Shirts For EDC 2017


| April 24, 2017

T-shirts are a well-beloved and classic piece of clothing. They are classics for a reason: T-shirts are highly versatile and match with anything. With festival season in full swing and EDC looming on the horizon, we decided that the classic t-shirt needed an article all of its own. 

At iEDM we have a staggering variety of shirts and all of them can be worn at any festival you attend. We decided to help you, our loyal followers, and we've narrowed down our top ten favorite shirts. These shirts vary from simple to complex, monochrome to rainbow. But we love them all. Check out our top ten below, and happy shopping! 


1. Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt

Haunting My Dreams T-Shirt

This black and white t-shirt renders some familiar Pokemon characters in a clean and abstract style. The artistic depiction of Haunter next to the neat and easily recognizable Cubone will make Pokemon fans nostalgic. Perfect for a festival or for just wearing around town, the Haunting My Dreams shirt is artsy, simple and eye-catching. 



2. Owl Language T-Shirt

Owls are the theme of Insomniac's popular EDC series and what better way to show your support for the mega-festival than by sporting the Owl Language T-Shirt. Featuring bright blended colors, two owl profiles, and a comfortable and easy fit, this shirt is a must-have. Whether you're going to EDC or looking for a colorful shirt to add to your rave wardrobe, you can't go wrong with this multi-colored stunner. 



3. Wicked Dreams T-Shirt

The Wicked Dreams Tee is similar to the Haunting Our Dreams shirt, with the artistic depiction of Cubone and Haunter in a simple, yet striking black design on a white shirt. While the Haunting shirt has a darker feel and tone to it, the Wicked Dreams Tee is a bit more whimsical, with Cubone front and center instead of Haunter. Perfect for showing off your sophisticated Pokemon tastes, this shirt is a must have! 



4. Bass Rainbow Men's Tee

There are very few shirts that say rave more than our Bass Rainbow Tee. Featuring bright colors and a pattern that is oddly reminiscent of bass synth patterns. This shirt would blend in at any bass event but would not look out of place at any rave you may attend. The best thing about this shirt: you can headbang in total comfort! 



5. Jellyfish Nebula T-Shirt

There is something oddly ethereal and calming about jellyfish and this tee captures that essence. A combination of a cosmic galaxy design with jellyfish along the bottom of the shirt, the red and blue hues blend together perfectly. This Jellyfish Nebula T-shirt can be paired with anything and alone can be a statement piece. 



6. Galactic Valley Men's T-Shirt

Space tees are a must-have for any rave wardrobe and galactic designs are always in style. Our Galactic Valley T-Shirt merges the beauty of the earth and the sky with a silhouette of trees against a galaxy-styled background. The understated colors, detailed design, and serene style make this shirt a staple. Our Galactic Valley T-Shirt would be perfect for any festival, day or night. 



7. Acid Pikachu Tee

Pokemon designs have snagged three of our top ten slots for shirts, and this Acid Pikachu Tee is our final submission. The abstract design with concentric circles and the trippy Pikachu is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. The different hues of blue and yellow remind us of the old Pokemon days and will make many ravers reminisce. 



8. Palm Trees Men's T-Shirt

Raves are often held in some of the most beautiful venues on earth and the Palm Trees T-Shirt pays homage to the beauty of festival grounds. This shirt reminds us of summer days spent on beaches and features a highly realistic palm tree design that looks like you can reach forward and actually touch the trees. 



9. Sour Worms Tee

If highly realistic is the name of the game, you can't go wrong with the Sour Worms Tee. This shirt combines the rave favorites of quirky design, bright colors and unexpected statements into one festival staple. This shirt can make people hungry just looking at it and the candy worms look so realistic if you jump the sugar might fall off the worms! 



10. T-Rex Pocket Pal Men's T-Shirt

This Pocket Pals T-shirt is adorable and definitely holds its own in our top ten favorites. This shirt is exceedingly simple but with the cute little dinosaur peeking out of the pocket and spitting out a rainbow, this shirt is perfect. Pocket styles are becoming increasingly popular and dinosaurs are always in style. 


Didn't find the perfect shirt for EDC? No problem. You can check out our entire selection of men's shirts and women's shirts or check out our entire EDC Collection here. The perfect shirt is out there and iEDM is a great place to look. 

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