10 Festival Looks for 2020

| January 04, 2019

We’re only a couple days into 2020 and the hottest festival lineups are already dropping left and right. We bet your New Year's Resolution of saving more money and going to less shows is about to fail soon. The rave itch is real, but it’s never too early to start prepping your rave gear; let us help you get a head start on curating your festival looks for the new year.


10. Onesies

Onesies as a trend are still going strong into 2019. From your couch to the rave -- easy peasy. They are super comfortable and the all-over print designs will never crack or fade. 

Check out all our colorful epic ONESIES HERE




9. Space Vibes Clothing

Galaxy print is all the rage. Really commit to that out-of-this-world look by going all in with the space vibes and finally build a wardrobe as weird as that beep bop music you’ve been listening to nonstop.

Visit the SPACE VIBES COLLECTION HERE to find your perfect galactic pick. 




8. Bodysuits


Take your pick from themed bodysuits to graphic prints and show off some leg. Double as a swimsuit and this is your go-to look for your next beach festival.

Make your next rave outfit super easy with a brand new BODYSUIT HERE




7. Joggers


Shirts are overrated. Do people even wear them at festivals anymore? But, joggers and a matching bandana? Now, that’s a look.

From floral prints to sacred geometry designs, we have the perfect JOGGERS HERE for you.




6. Glow Fur

A little fur never hurt nobody. For the early festivals that catch a chilly breeze. If you missed your chance to rock your fur for your NYE event, fear not because you still have 3+ months until it’s obnoxious.

Glow them away with the softness with our selection of GLOW FUR HERE




5. Rave Eyewear

A short essay on eyewear: makes things trippy, protects your eyeballs, enhances your experience, the equivalent of wearing earbuds when talking to annoying people A.K.A. the “I can’t see you”, also good for being creepy and staring at other people without them knowing, makes you look 10000x cooler. PSA: there are now ski diffraction goggles and they are badass.

Check out our full collection of RAVE EYEWEAR HERE




4. Sacred Geometry  

Channel some astral energy with these psychedelic geometric prints. An effortless statement piece that’s bound to trip your fellow festival-goers out.your 

Align your chakras and your style with the SACRED GEOMETRY COLLECTION HERE




3. Bandanas 

Even if you could care less about what you’re wearing to a festival, it takes three seconds to pick out a snazzy bandana, two seconds to pack it in your bag and one second to tie it around your neck, arm, head or whatever you like. Stop being no fun and add something to your boring outfit this year.

Shop all our colorful BANDANA DESIGNS HERE.




2. Hydration Packs 

You’re probably tired of hearing how much we love hydration packs. I mean, hopefully you love to stay alive at long, hot festivals as much as we do. Did we mention you do have a choice between a drabby hydration pack that your dad bought 10 years ago to go hiking and a sleek holographic one that’s going to amp your outfit? P.S. real men wear glitter.

Stay safe and hydrated with a new HYDRATION BACKPACK HERE




1. LED Accessories

So you’ve exhausted all the festival fashion trends, own all the trippy tees, have been through the fishnet and Vans phase, explored wook fashion, put everyone else on rave goggles, and have mastered the art of tasteful festival glitter; you’re basically the poster child for rave wear. It’s time to venture into LED accessories and add the space whip into your ensemble.

Visit the iEDM GLOW FACTORY HERE for LED rave accessories, flow toys and festival outfit essentials. 


Jump into the new year with fresh inspiration for your next festival look and make it your personal New Year's Resolution to take your outfits to the next level with iEDM’s Festival Collection HERE.


We’re so excited for all the festivals to come and even more amped to see the unique fashion looks that ravers will channel.


about the writer

Jessica Mao

Jessica Mao

Read More...Jessica is a New York-based writer who -true to the stereotype- enjoys brunching, playing tennis and most of all, attending live shows. She fell in love with EDM after her first show, Adventure Club, and has been non-stop discovering new music since then. Some of her favorite artists include Above & Beyond, Zedd, Kaskade and FKJ.

Her guilty pleasure is listening to The Chainsmokers circa 2015 and eating McDonalds cookies. She is a strong advocator of earplugs.

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