10 Gifts For Ravers Under $30

| October 30, 2018

Holiday season is approaching fast and you know what that’s time to start brainstorming what gifts to get for the raver in your life.

Whether that’s your rave bae, festie bestie or that one friend who keeps trying to drag you to every techno show, we have you covered with a list of gifts that won’t break your bank. From cute rave wear picks to trippy festival accessories, we have a selection of items under $30 to spark your holiday cheer. 


10. Foxadelic II Square Pillow 



Who says gifts have to be limited to the dance floor? Treat your raver to this psychedelic-inspired home decor piece that’s guaranteed to light up their room. We also have other home goodies HERE.




9. Shocked Patrick Crop Top



Pick up this crop top featuring everyone’s favorite pink guy (besides Joji obviously) and let your shirt express how you feel when the bass drops.




8. Chrome Spike Diffraction Goggles


The perfect steampunk accessory for that one raver who’s mostly there just to trip out at the light show. Also, great for head banging - fashionable and functional. 




 7. Darth Side Tee



Puns never die and you will never be the guy wearing the corniest shirt at a rave because there will always be someone worse than you. Besides, this one’s pretty good.




6. 10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set


This is the perfect gloving starter pack for the raver who’s trying to up their PLUR game or has no idea what to do with their hands at a rave.




5. Level Up Mushroom Crop Top



Get a taste of rainbow road in this simple, but super effective shirt. 1up with your bestie and get yourself a matching Flower Power Hoodie HERE




4. Trippy Trek Seamless Bandana Mask




Add another mask to your raver’s already excessive collection. Guaranteed to get some oohs and aahs at the next party.




3. Equalizer Sound Wave Light-up Tie


For the raver who likes to keep it classy. Also, for that guy who came straight to the rave from the office -- a classic day to night look.




2. Weird Rave Crop Top



Everyone loves a good galaxy print and this one isn’t really an exception. We even have joggers to match HERE, so you two can be out of this world together. 




1. 2-LED Lux 360 Orbit 


An orbit is a favorite rave accessory for anyone. Prepare to be mesmerized by the patterns as your favorite raver dances and twists these tiny flashing LEDs to the beat to create crazy shapes and designs. 




The holidays are coming up and iEDM has got you covered on all the presents on your checklist. For more awesome rave styles and to treat yourself to a gift, check out iEDM's newest arrivals HERE.  


The Holiday Season is upon us, which means it's almost time for Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Check out iEDM's hilarious Holiday Sweaters HERE to get you in the spirit!





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Jessica Mao

Jessica Mao

Read More...Jessica is a New York-based writer who -true to the stereotype- enjoys brunching, playing tennis and most of all, attending live shows. She fell in love with EDM after her first show, Adventure Club, and has been non-stop discovering new music since then. Some of her favorite artists include Above & Beyond, Zedd, Kaskade and FKJ.

Her guilty pleasure is listening to The Chainsmokers circa 2015 and eating McDonalds cookies. She is a strong advocator of earplugs.

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