10 Highlights From Colorado's Grandoozy Festival's Epic First Year

| September 19, 2018

Superfly has done it again. In only its first year, Grandoozy was a success and showed it's potential to grow into Colorado's premier music festival.

The lineup offered picks for everyone in the family, which brought our all ages for some great bonding time. The pop lovers got their dose of EDM with The Chainsmokers. Jam fans got some funky basslines from Colorado's Sunsquabi. Rock fans got the throwbacks from bands like Phoenix and Young The Giant. Hip-hop lovers got Kendrick Lamar, Logic and Snow Tha Product. The old timers got to see Stevie Wonder belt out the hits. Their was truly something for everyone. 

Besides the music, this festival was organized, clean and offered over the top production. I have been to countless festivals and this was the first time I saw a drum solo on fire and pink smoke. 

Here are 10 highlights from the first year of this 'Doozy ole time: 



10. The Ski Lodge offered a throwback 80s dance party  

DJs pumped the throwbacks all weekend in the ski lodge for a fun dance party that was a cool escape from the heat. This indoor stage was set up as an old ski lodge, which was very appropriate for a Mile High festival and something I've never seen done before. 


9. House beats had me following the sound to the Break Room 

I was sitting with my friends and then I heard the bassy beats in the background and had to find it. We followed the untz until we stumbled upon the break room. We found our people for a little tech house dance party. 


8. The Bud Light Dive Bar was the rowdiest party of the whole festival 

The Bud Light Dive Bar was an intermission type of set that happened at a small stage in the middle. Night one a band called Andy Frasco and the UN had a huge crowd singing, dancing and drinking Bud Light. This was actually the rowdiest stage of the entire festival. 


7. The food selection offered a taste of Colorado

They had Snooze's pineapple pancakes, need we say more? Illegal Pete's was there offering free margaritas at any Denver location for anyone who ate at their vendor booth during the weekend. Torchy's was there with their favorite taco options. And of course the usual popular festival vendors like Heady Tacos and Hippie Dips were slanging their usual delights. 


6. Kendrick Lamar had everyone yelling STAY HUMBLE 

I forgot how many Kendrick Lamar songs I knew all the words too. Hit after hit, the crowd belted out all the lyrics. His visuals made political statements and his music united everyone at festival, regardless of race, gender, religion, age - doesn't matter. Everyone knows the words to STAY HUMBLE and everyone chanted along. 


5. Logic made a fan named Angel's life complete

She created a pop art photo of Logic. She framed it. She hung out front row with her mom and dad. Logic half way through his set got the thoughtful gift from this mega fan and made her day by chatting with her during his performance. I have to admit, seeing him perform 1-800-273-8255 live almost made me cry. 


4. Southpark as an interactive sponsor 

Corporate sponsorships can be obnoxious, but Grandoozy's were creative and unique. Comedy Central created a Southpark area with free interactive games like skeeball. All ages were laughing and taking photos next to their favorite Southpark characters. Since Southpark is in Colorado, we gotta say nice work, Grandoozy! 


3. Sunsquabi's bass blew us away 

This jamtronica band fuses all the musical elements Colorado loves most. The bass was booming during this evening set, setting the mood for Saturday night festival vibes. They even brought out Nick Gerlach on the sax for a special treat. This Colorado local band was a great lineup addition for this first year festival that had a little bit of every flavor. 


2. Stevie Wonder closed out this Wonder Fest 

I can now check that one on my live music bucket list. My facebook feed was filled with everyone talking about Stevie Wonder's magical performance. At 68 years old, he has still got it! 



1. The Chainsmokers were LIT - literally 

The pyrotechnics of this set were insane! They had sparklers, fire balls, colored smoke and the drummer destroyed his drum solo with his drum sticks on fire! The Colorado crowd sang in unison "of the mattress that you stole from your roommate back in Boulder, we ain't never getting older!" Looking around at the crowd, there were couples, friends and lots of parents with their children sharing the love for The Chainsmokers catchy tunes. It was a beautiful moment to see every age getting down to popular electronic music together. 


The premier of this new event has left Colorado excited for more years to come. As this festival grows into a yearly tradition, we are counting down the days until next year! 


Festival season isn't over yet! Check out the iEDM Festival Collection HERE for ideas and inspirations! 



about the writer

Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

Read More...Lacy Bursick is a Colorado resident who enjoys traveling, hula hooping and hiking with her dog.

She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

Her favorite festivals are Electric Forest and Hulaween because of all the interactive art and variety in music.

She loves everything from jam bands, deep house, to dubstep. You can find her at a Bassnectar show dancing with her friends.

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