10 Highlights from Spring Awakening 2018

| June 14, 2018

There was definitely an awakening going on in Chicago this weekend, and the vibes at Spring Awakening Music Festival were oddly more killer than usual. It could have to do with the eerie fog that enveloped the city and festival this weekend, or maybe it was the slightly more mature crowd at SAMF this year.

“Because of the rain, it felt like a more like a mud awakening, but the vibe was unlike any other Spring Awakening I felt before - it was more like a forest vibe,” said festival goer, Eric Chien.

Here are 10 Highlights from the weekend:

1. The Message + Vibes

We already mentioned the vibes were pretty spot on this year; it felt like SAMF got its groove [back], and part of that was the message of inclusivity being put other out there. The festival teamed up with OurMusicMyBody campaign for the first time, which was really positive.


2. Kaskade

Overall consensus was that Kaskade killed it. The entire set was amazing, the light show was insanely epic, and he somehow showcased all his styles and talent in one super set super.


3. CoronaElectric Beach 

Electric Dome's beach party was amazing, it was a more intimate environment that felt like a raver's tropical paradise dream come true. Seeing Chicago's local Light Em Up there was a true highlight of the weekend.


4. Alison Wonderland

As the only female headliner was definitely a crowd pleaser on Friday. She had a really high-energy set starring her singles “Churches" and “Easy.”


5. Carnage

Carnage was super fun, and a little different, which was good change of pace. There were some Latin jam mixes sprinkled in that made this set stand out from others.


6. Bro Safari

Most of Bro Safari's set was thumping dubstep but I really enjoyed when he was on stage as well.


7. Hardwell

He has so much talent it’s unbelievable, and that was clear once again this weekend. He mixed in some old school Top 40s jams, which was super fun and made for some good sing along moments.


8. Porter/Virtual Self

This was interesting. Apparently there were “technical difficulties” so Porter didn’t show, but his Virtual Self did. The line up said Porter, although it was rumored his Virtual Self may appear instead. The sound was very different - and unlike Porter at all… still trying to decide how I feel about it, but the stunt definitely got him on the highlights reel.

9. The Set Up

The carnival rides and silent disco were cool touches that added to the atmosphere, even if it was in the mystery/horror story kind of way (because of the fog and rain!).


10. Clarke

Clarke had a killer set with hard bass-lines, if you’re into to techno and missed this, check out the song “Love is Bigger Than Anything It’s Way.”


If you you’re sad SAMF is over and want more festivals to check into in Chicago, visit 5 Festivals Worth Traveling To The Windy City For

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Danya Shaikh

Danya Shaikh

Read More...Danya Shaikh is a Chicago resident who enjoys yoga, spirituality, art and all things music.

She grew up all over the world, and her international upbringing is what influenced her taste in music.

Her favorite festival is LollaPalooza because of the mix of music genres, the city and water backdrop, and the beautiful mesh of people.

Danya loves everything from chill house, hip hop, EDM mixes to dubstep.

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