10 Highlights Of Buku Music And Arts Project 2018

| March 14, 2018

New Orleans is home to a rich music culture that gives a unique experience when merging with the festival culture. There were many things to enjoy about Buku that you can only find at this unique event.

Festy-goers left with a once-in-a-lifetime experience under their belt and stories to tell. This year everything was bigger and better. Buku expanded its perimeters, introducing the Wharf Stage and giving the Power Plant more room. 

Everything from the venue, to the festival goers in creative rave wear, to the smiling staff made this festival and must-do. Here are 10 Highlights Of Buku Music and Arts Project 2018.


1. The variety of talent was captivating

New Orleans offers many different forms of entertainment, from notable headliners to street performances that you can't get enough of. At Buku, you can find both! Walking down the riverfront street to catch your favorite artists, you can catch performances the entire way there. 


2. The art was phenomenal

Cargo full of graffiti and Mardi Gras floats set the tone for Buku with exhibits throughout the entire venue. Mardi Gras world is where parade floats are stored, giving it a feel that you will only find in New Orleans. It's the perfect place to go if you want a unique NOLA experience.

Live painting was one for the books. These works were fun to look at during the festival and also auctioned off at the end. You could find them in the open area near the Power Plant stage, close to the lit spike installation.


3. Every set blew people's minds

It didn't matter if it was EDM or rock music. The shows that artists put on were alluring, grabbing your attention and pulling you in until the end. Bassnectar electrified the Power Plant, A Day To Remember rocked out the Ball Room, and Alison Wonderland f#*%ed people up on a spiritual level in the Float Den.


Photo Credit: Kylie The Creator 


4. Each stage was unique

Let's start with the Power Plant. This stage had it all; fire, mind-blowing graphics, enough space to dance, and headliners that everyone wanted to see. There was even an elevated VIP rooftop viewing area.

Across the open field area was the Front Yard, to get your local music fix in.

The Wharf is as interesting as it sounds. Grabbing a seat and enjoying the show was made easy and the graffiti art gave it an interesting twist.


Photo Credit: aLive Coverage 

My personal favorite was the Ball Room. I don't like enclosed spaces filled with a lot of people, but this area provided enough room so that everyone had enough space. The upstairs viewing area was full of beanbags for us to chill on and enjoy the show. The view was perfect.

With Mardi Gras floats everywhere, the Float Den takes the cake for originality and giving attendees a genuine New Orleans vibes.

The VIP experience was enhanced by an exclusive back alley stage only accessible to VIPs. With a lineup of its own, the back alley partied with BlackGummy, Squnto, DROELOE, EPROM b2b Mad Zach, Graves, and more!


5. There were water stations and bathrooms convenient to each side of the festival

The venue wasn't too big so that getting from one end to the other was a challenge. There was water on each side and potties conveniently placed throughout the venue.

The only issue at the festival brought to my attention was the overcrowded porta-potty area beside the Float Den. Even though it was convenient, some people walked to the other side of the festival to avoid the clutter.


6. Lockers came in clutch

Carrying around those flow toys and essentials can get tiring and have a big effect on your overall experience. With a simple corner of lockers, this festival took a load off of anyone who needed it, letting those free birds fly!


7. That lineup was incredible

Just look at it. Bassnectar, Alison Wonderland, MGMT, SZA, Virtual Self, Rezz, A Day To Remember, Borgore, Sylvan Esso, CloZee, and the list goes on! There was something for everyone, and satisfying to those with a diverse music taste.



8. There were many places to sit

With Buku's expansion, there was more space for everything. It was easy to grab the tapestry out of your locker and go chill on the ground somewhere with the whole squad. The Monster viewing area gave out free drinks, while also providing a rest area.


9. Everyone was dressed to impress.

Walking through the crowd, I saw so many iEDM clothes being worn by some of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Cosmic hoodies lighting up the night, booty shorts showing off those perfect rave booties, trippy shirts that turned heads, it was all there.

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10. Security required everyone to go through metal detectors, even staff

Today we deal with a lot of gun violence. It is essential to keep our festival family safe by enhancing security at events like this. It may take a little extra time to get through the line, but it is better safe than sorry. Thank you Buku Music and Arts Project for going the extra mile to protect us.


We hope all of you had as much fun as we did! Keep spreading the love and good vibrations. Thanks, Buku Music and Arts Project, for having us out. We are already looking forward to what next year's Buku has in store.

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Kylie de la Bruyere

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