10 Highlights Of Hulaween 2017

| November 05, 2017

This year was my first time experiencing the spooky moss-filled forest and it's got the rest of my Halloween weekends booked. Everything from the campgrounds to the venue was astonishing. 

The effort put in by artists alone was enough get me back for round two. There were many amazing moments had that could only be experienced at Suwannee Hulaween and we are counting down the days to next year's. 

Here are 10 best moments of Hulaween 2017. 


1. The creativity that was put in to every aspect of the experience kept it interesting and gave a festive sensation. 

Costumes were above and beyond my expectations. I've seen some really amazing get ups, but I've never seen so many in one place. 

The art installations were out of this world, and the everyone even went above and beyond with their campsites. Golf carts were even tricked out with spooky decor.  


Credit: Jess Phillips 


2. Attendees, staff, vendors, and artists had the best of vibes. 

Everyone had a smile on their face. Everywhere you looked, there was love and good vibes being spread.

The staff was very friendly. Even the people cleaning the bathrooms were sweet. Every vendor that I came in contact with had awesome merch or food, and made sure you felt welcome. 


3. The lineup was diverse and attracted many types of people to one place creating a melting pot for good times. 

It got freaky with Bassnectar Friday and the hosts, String Cheese Incident, always bring the most fun crowd. They played all three days, and my favorite was their legendary Saturday night themed set. On Sunday, Griz brought the funk for a perfect closing day vibe. 

There was something for everyone. As a basshead, I was surprised how much I truly enjoyed the bluegrass shows and the vibes they entailed. All of the music at Hula was great!


4. Everything in the venue was perfect.  

There were several entrances to the venue. The one by the main stage was on a slight hill, accompanied by a Ferris Wheel over looking the HULA installation, stages, vendors, and campgrounds. 

The stages weren't too far away from each other, which made switching up between sets easy to do in time for the next show. The Amphitheater Stage had such a pleasing view. It was perfect for shorter people and those that like to watch the crowd. Sound quality was impressive at all of the stages. 

There were food options for vegans and vegetarians, but they also kept the cheese and bacon lovers in mind. 

Spirit Lake was like nothing I've ever seen. There was so many art installations to look at, that I could've spent three days in there alone. 


Credit: Josh Skolnik

5. Performers and interactive art installations kept everyone entertained. 

Walking through the venue, you may come across stilt walkers or fire performers. There were many installations that would suck you in and before you know it, you'd be sitting there for 30 minutes playing with it. 

There were even huts, tents, tree houses, and huge chairs that you and the squad could chill out in.  

Credit: Faces of Festivals

6. Golf carts are allowed. 

This was my first festival where we had a golf cart to conveniently take between camp and the venue. Not only did we save a lot of time and energy, but we also traveled with less in our backpacks because going back to camp was a piece of cake! 

I wish every festival allowed this. 


7. The campgrounds are decorated with creepy art, and the after parties are phenomenal. 

This festival has some of the most enthusiastic attendees. Halloween is a favorite holiday for many, and it shows at Hulaween. 

Walking through the campgrounds I saw some of the dopest RV parties I've ever seen. There were so many decorative lights, art installations hanging in the trees (which were plentiful), and great music to keep the good vibes rollin'. 


Credit: Aaron Bradley Photo


8. We got sunshine everyday and the weather remained nice throughout the entire weekend. 

I thought it would be hot because it's in Florida, but I was wrong. It gradually got colder over the weekend, but nothing that a onsie couldn't fix. 

When I woke up in the morning, I wasn't baking in my tent, and that is a first. Everyone was snug in there shaded tents or cuddled up in a hammock. 


9. The potties were clean for what they are and most had toilet paper. 

At the end of the day, portable potties at a festival are just that, but I did notice extreme effort to try to keep them clean and stocked with toilet paper. 

There were also flushable toilets if porta potties aren't your thing. 


10. The showers were free and clean. 

When I went to shower, there was actually no line. Not only that, but the staff member smiled and nicely asked if I would like it cleaned before I use it.


The entire experience was impressive, from beginning to end. Thank you so much Suwannee Hulaween for having us out. We will be back, hopefully every year.

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Kylie de la Bruyere

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