10 Highlights Of Resonance Music & Arts Festival

| October 03, 2017

Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio has been resonating for three years during the month of September with Resonance Music & Arts Festival being held there annually since 2015. Each year the music, the art, the vibes, the weather and the people create the perfect mosaic for an immersive experience of expression.

Essential Productions brings you the perfect blend of jam and electronic music. The lineup never disappoints having Papadosio headline the festival each year as well as bringing in other artists from different genres such as Trevor Hall, Wookiefoot, Beats Antique, Ott., Desert Dwellers and many more. 

Check out the 10 Highlights of Resonance Music & Arts Festival 2017.


1. Papadosio

Papadosio made Resonance one of the grooviest dance parties of the year. Playing four times through out the three day fest, each set was entirely different and uniquely their own. The first night of Resonance, Dosio decided to do a Nine Inch Nails tribute and it was honestly one of the greatest cover sets I have ever witnessed.

On Friday they played an hour and half long set with the following day playing two different 90 minuet sets, one included an acoustic performance. Papadosio began the night with an acoustic performance, bringing in smooth, blissful vibes and then following with one of my favorite and grooviest Dosio shows I had danced to. 


2. Soundlab

Each year visionary artist, Logan Walden (with the help from a team of friends including, Tyler Blanck, Roue Williams, Cord Butler, Earl Washington Williams, Ethan Lovasz, Justin Brigham and Zane Pringlez) builds a Sound Lab creating a welcoming space for music and visual artists as well as teachers alike to collab, inform and showcase their talents. The Sound Lab holds workshops during the day and late night sets after hours. I had the chance to attend Anthony Thogmartin's modular synth workshop and learned so many different aspects and techniques in creating electronic noises and music. 


3. Live Artists

The collective of visual artists at Resonance creates an experience that inspires and sparks imagination. The live painters at Resonance are an important part of the festival and without them a special piece would be missing. Art and music go hand in hand and it's exhilarating to watch so many talented artists express themselves in different ways. The visual artist community is made up of some of the most passionate, hard working and kind individuals that you will ever meet. 


4. Amon Tobin/Two Fingers DJ Set

I had never seen or heard of Amon Tobin until Resonance Music & Arts Festival, but was I and everyone else blown away. Amon Tobin is an electronic, experimental, bass Brazilian born artist and put on a show of a lifetime. His set at Resonance was unlike any other I had ever seen and he truly lives up to the description of experimental bass music. Describing his music is a challenge of it's own but it sure kept you moving and was full of high energy. 


5. The Domes

Workshops are an important aspect of Resonance. With several domes bringing festival attendees safe spaces to learn, share, meditate, grow and express with one another. Each day the Om Dome and the Home Dome held workshops that included different kinds of yoga, informational conversations and lessons as well as massage and mediation exercises. There were also additional domes providing spaces for musical jams. 


6. The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze brought the funk and the soul that everybody needed Saturday afternoon and night. Their stage presence is contagious and their music uplifts the soul. My friend described The Main Squeeze as being exactly what she needed to see that weekend.  


7. Life Size Games

Right next to the art gallery is an out door play area with huge games like connect four, guess who and battle ship. This made it easy to meet new people and share a connection through playing classic life size games that the majority of people know. This is honestly one of coolest things I have seen at a festival and promotes an immersive environment that welcomes everyone. 


8. Tipis

The light up Tipis in the middle of the campgrounds made for a serene place to lounge at through out the fest. With the fire in the middle, the colorful lights in the tipis, the stars above and music playing in the background you couldn't go wrong taking a moment to chill out and make new friends at this tranquil spot. 


9. Kalya Scintilla: Evokation 

Kalya Scintilla put on a fantastic show despite having to stop playing when the power went out for a few minutes during his performance. Thankfully, Kalya was patient and resumed his set shortly. Kalya Scintilla's music consists of  progressive electronic bass elements, producing a sound entirely his own. He also had a group of dancers perform on stage with him creating a unique habitat that took you on a journey and encouraged you to move. 


10. Hammock Village  

Hammock Village made for the perfect place to hangout in the shade of the trees. Whether you had a hammock or not it was a great spot to sit with your friends and enjoy the day. At night time the trees were lit up with colorful lights making it a good chill spot for the evening.


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Cover and Content Photos by Keith Griner of Phierce Photo 

Content Photos by Kristoph Klein of enBed Productions 

Content Photos by Roger Gupta 




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Lauren Aura

Read More...Lauren Aura lives in Indianapolis, Indiana where she is currently majoring in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. Art, dance and music are her greatest passions and expressions.

She attended her first music festival in 2013 which then ignited her passion for festival culture.

Her favorite artists are Papadosio, Emancipator, Imagined Herbal Flows Alejo, and Tycho.

Her favorite festivals include, Resonance, Hyperion, Good People Good Times, The Werk Out and Paradise.

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